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Friday, June 21, 2013

DisneyWorld!!!!!! The start.

Okay I admit it.  I am a HORRIBLE blogger....oh well :)

So in May my family decided to join Mitch and Lindsey on their medical school finishing Disney World vacation.  I love disney and had the best time.  It was fun to have Lynlee be old enough to ride rides and actually enjoy them :)  I would go back in a heartbeat, but maybe Disneyland will be our next disney adventure.  So here is the run down of what happened (or what I can remember).

On Saturday May 11th we headed to the airport where Lynlee was really cute when it came to board the plane.  She would say bye to the people leaving around us as they went to board the plane.  Funny story actually; because there was this one guy and his daughter boarding, and she was focused on saying bye to them, and on the flight home they were on the exact same flight haha. He remembered because she said bye to everyone getting off the plane.  The flight there with her was not bad she didn't cry.  It was her first flight being over an hour and a half (it was 4hrs) so I was very pleased.  We got to our hotel for the night.  We got a nice place because Elyse, Tara, and Bryan were flying in around midnight.  Then we walked around the corner for the best Denny's dinner I have ever had.  Lynlee even ate almost all of her Mac and Cheese and grapes (if you know her she doesn't eat very well).

The vaca was off to a GREAT start.  Next morning we woke up to Tara having the flu : ( poor girl (only lasted 36 hours or so).  We planned to go to Wekiwa Springs (there are cooler ones, but this one was only a half hour drive) and meet up with one of Elyse's friends Broc who was there training for summer sales.  Tara was a trooper and would just have us stop the car for her to relieve herself on the side of the rode : (.  The springs were really cool, but I didn't get any pictures lame I know.  Tara the sick one did and so she will give me some :).   After the springs Broc came with us to the vacation house where we met up with everyone else.  Mom and Dad flew in with Grandma and Grandpa that afternoon and Mitch, Lindsey, Nate and Melis all drove.

I will do another post for the Disney and Universal adventures.

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