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Saturday, June 11, 2011

We are having....

So we have known for about a month and a half that we are having a GIRL, but at my last appointment last week the doc confirmed it.  We are so so so so so so excited.  I love being able to tell my belly to be a good girl instead of a good baby when she starts moving and kicking.  We have officially decided on a name.  We will be naming her Lynlee Nicole Shelton.  Lynlee is both of my grandpas names put together and then I decided to carry on my middle name.  I finally decided that this name has more meaning to it and I love when a name has meaning behind it.   

Not much else to update except for the huge fire that is happening in AZ right now.  It isn't coming our way, but I feel so bad for all of the people affected.  Oh and I am excited about next week we are leaving on a very long much needed vacation to Oceanside, CA.  I am ready to get to the coast and enjoy cooler weather than this blasted hot 100 degree weather here.  Someday we will move to a place that isn't so hot.

Until next time. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What to do?

So once we found out the gender of our little girl (still going to confirm at the next appointment) I have been thinking about her nursery and what to do to make it fun and girlie.  I have decided to use the disney fairy theme because I have colored a bunch of pictures of all the different faries in pixie hollow.  I got the coloring book at walmart while in college when I didn't have anything to do.  I since then have come to really like the idea of faries and the magic and imagination that it brings to our lives.  What better way to have our little girl start with an imagination that anything is possible.

So I have bought picture frames to put these pictures up on the wall and I am excited.  I am running into the dilemma of what color to paint the walls.  I have to choose a color that isn't too crazy because we do plan to move within the next couple of years.  I was thinking maybe a pastel green or a pastel yellow, but might end up just painting it a cream color.  I plan on using a purple bedding so I think I will use green, but haven't decided.  We shall see.  I found some really cute wall decals that I think that I want to use with sayings such as "I believe in fairies" and "Kick up the pixie dust."  Also something I have always wanted to do in my babies room is to hang her name up on the wall with the cute wooden letters. 

I am excited to get crafty with this project the trouble is that I keep switching between names.  First we wanted to use Reyna, because it is beautiful, but also it means queen in spanish and since matt and I have been married we have been involved with the mexican culture.  So giving her a spanish name seems to fit and would be unique.  That changed though when they told us we are having a girl.  I changed my mind to a name I choose when I was younger, Lynlee.  It comes from combining both of my grandpa's first names.  I wanted a name to have more meaning, but it changes everyday.  I will let you all know when we (I) settle on a name.

I am having so much fun planning, but stress is starting to creep in.  I hope that we will have all of the necessities when she is born.  I am overjoyed with this new little life growing inside of me.