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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our newest family addition

Okay so matt and I have not had any children, because we are not like a vast majority of people who for some reason having children comes so easily too.  Wanted to fill that void with none other than a puppy.  One friday during work matt was talking to a co-worker, DeAnn, who mentioned that she was getting a puppy and that they had one more left from the litter.  We jumped on the opportunity and called the lady and planned to travel to Tuscon to see the puppy before making our final decision.  On saturday we saw her and fell in love.  Not realizing the energy a Jack Russell Terrier offered we took her home with us.  Even though she has a lot of energy she has brought so much joy to our lives.  Here is our beautiful little girl.

Getting ready to jump up

 Our neighbor has labs and one day decided to give trix one of their raw hyde bones

 She enjoys it just as much as the little raw hyde bones we give her

So I put her outside before I go to work and it is like 40 degrees out so we bought her a little jacket

I took her for the first time to the vet yesterday and she was such a good girl.  She saw a cat for the first time and growled at it and it made me laugh.  She met other little puppy friends too.  It was so cute.  Even though she is not a human child she will fill that spot and prepare us for someday having children of our own.

Our New House #1

Okay so after a long time not posting here it is.  Matt and I put and offer in on a house on July 23rd knowing that it was a short sale and could take up to six months to get through everthing.  Well, truth is we could have gotten in sooner if the bank hadn't sold the loan the same week we put the offer in.  Anyways,  our lease for our rental ran out Nov. 1st and of course the final paperwork had not been filled out to officially move in.  So matt and I stayed with a girl from my work and her husband, Jade and Ryan.  We are VERY grateful for them opening their home to us.  So we signed the papers on Nov. 9 and funded on the 10th and now we are officially first-time homeowners.  We are so incredibly happy that we have a place to settle into since being in college and moving around SO much. 

Since we have been in a period of transition for many months we have not had internet and unable to update our blog with our life stories. So I was able to take some pictures of our home before moving in and those are the ones I will show. Here they are:

The Entry Way

Formal Living Room 

 Formal Dining Room

 Family Room

 Another angle of Family Room

 Kitchen (right off of Family Room)

 Other view of Kitchen

 Laundry Room (Right off Kitchen, entry to garage through Laundry Room)

 Hallway off of Family Room

 Hall Bathroom

 The left bedroom off of Hallway (didn't get a picture of the other one)

 Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

 Master Closet

 Master Bath coutertops

 Walk-in Shower and Garden Tub (not jetted sadly)

 Our Home