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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lynlee goes swimming.

I have heard and read pros and cons about letting your baby swim before a year old, but since I have always did what I wanted to I decided I wanted to take the opportunity of having free access to a pool to take her swimming.  That and we live in Arizona and it is already in the 100's.  It is really hot all of the time.  I can't wait until summer is over.  Anyways, we bought an inner tube for her to float in and can I just say we have a baby that LOVES to relax no lie.

We slowly introduced her to the water with us holding her first and then we decided to put her into the floater and she put her head back and relaxed like a champ.  I am glad there were a few other people at the pool because I think it helped her calm down.  She could watch them and smile at them.  Well, here are some pictures.
Her first swimsuit.  The smile that she gives everyone.

Dada and Lynners

Getting used to the water

Oh this is nice.  Seriously makes me laugh how she just kicks back and relaxes.

Dada and Lynners

She kept on trying to push herself out of the floater to try and get to the other people .

She loved being in the water and relaxing.  Once she started shivering we took her out and put her in a dry towel and in a clean dry diaper.  I can't believe how fast she is growing.  I am looking forward  to all the swimming fun that lies ahead of us.

7 Months

I know this is weeks over due life has been crazy busy, but our little Lynners has turned 7 months.  Where has the time gone????? She is growing up way to fast.  I am grateful I have the opportunity to stay at home with and watch her grow and learn.

Here are some things that she is doing:

  • Army crawling.  Mainly when we don't watch because she wants us to hold her all of the time or play with her.  She gets on her hands and knees and she cries. 
  • She LOVES to eat what we are having for dinner which means baby food is really hard to get her to eat now.  So I have been mashing up my own veggies and fruits for her.  And I got a little excited and had her try some chicken and rice the other day and she LOVED it.  I will stick the fruits and veggies awhile longer though until introducing more meat to her diet.
  • She babbles like crazy.  Wish she could say mama, but every time I try she smiles at me and laughs.  She says dada just fine.  Someday :\
  • Loves hitting her toys against things just to hear the sound.
  • Loves putting things in her mouth.
  • Got a new toy that allows her to walk around and she loves it and walks really well.  Hopefully it will get her ready for that milestone in her life.
  • She is an extremely happy baby.  Smiles at everyone.  This means that every time I go to the store someone always makes a comment about her because she tries to get their attention.  We have a social butterfly on our hands.  This is kinda funny because she doesn't really like anyone, but mom and dad to hold her.
  • Loves watching and playing with Trixie.
  • She got her first two teeth.  Yay!!!! 
  • She grabs things really well.  Example: When she eats her puffs she will pick it up with one hand open her hand up look at it and grab it with her thumb and finger so that she can put it into her mouth.  Can I say smarty pants I think so.
There are more things I am sure, but I can't think of them.  I only wish that we lived close to family so that she could get to know her cousins and aunt and uncles and grandparents better.  Hopefully we can move back after our time here in AZ.  

We love our little girl so much.  Here are some pictures.

Doing her army crawl

Crawl got her to the sign

She is getting so big

Say what???  I love this face too cute

Finally let her have the paper to play with.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A little update

Okay so I have been MIA lately, but for good reason.  Matt accepted a job with American Standard Energy a small oil investment company in Scottsdale, AZ and we moved right away.  When we got here we had to wait forever for the internet people to set up the internet.  Anyways, we finally have it and I can catch you all up a little.

Since we moved to Phoenix on short notice we are living in an apartment short term while we do the house search thing.  I am excited this time around because I know what I like and don't like.  So currently we reside in North Phoenix and the apartment we are in is really nice.  We feel really blessed to have landed such a nice place.  These past couple months have been filled with blessings and all I can say is how grateful we are.  One of those blessings is selling our house so quickly.  We decided to do a for sale by owner and within a month we had a buyer and we close on May 8th and with only living in the house for 1 1/2 we are making money on it.  Can you believe it.  Within that time Matt found a job and we found an apartment to live in.  Everything has gone smoothly.  God truly has a hand in our life right now and I can't deny it.

We love the new ward we are attending.  The first Sunday we went the Relief Society reached out to me and made me feel really welcome (first time in any ward that I have attended that has happened).  There is only one other family (about our age with two little kids one is a month younger than Lynlee), and he is in the bishopric, in our complex that is LDS so that is pretty crazy.  We are hoping to run into a good missionary experience.  

Matt is really enjoying his new job.  He was really busy at first because the company is getting ready to send in their Q.  Such great experience for him to be busy right away and feel needed.  I think he was a little overwhelmed sometimes because he was asked to do things he hadn't really done in a job setting (he understood the concept, but never applied it to real life yet).  He is looking forward to what he can contribute to the company.

Miss Lynlee turned 7 months (I will get pictures up soon I promise).  A couple days ago I noticed her gums were a little swollen and I got so excited because I knew that most likely meant teeth.  This morning when we were hanging out I put my finger on her gums to see if anything had come through and sure enough our little girl is cutting her first teeth.  Best part is that she handles it really well.  She didn't have a fever or diarrhea just the classic drooling (that went on for MONTHS) and chewing things. She is growing up fast.  She is a little slow at crawling, but rolls EVERYWHERE.  She has started doing an army crawl though so I assume she will pick that up soon enough.  She babbles like crazy and I LOVE it.  Her favorite babble is dada.  She laughs every time I try to get her to say mama (someday :/ ).  She is really smart (watching her play with her toys is where it really shows).  Such a social baby.  Just loves being around people and laughing and smiling at them.  She LOVES being the center of attention. I could go on about her forever, but I will save that for another post.

Sorry this is a no picture post, but I just wanted to let the world know that we are alive and doing well.  We are excited to find a new place and get settled into the area.  Until next time.