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Sunday, April 1, 2012

6 Months

This weekend was conference a great weekend.  Last conference I was giving birth to our beautiful little girl.  She is a wonderful blessing in our lives and we LOVE her to death.  That being said our little girl has reached her half birthday.  I can't believe she is six months old.  I haven't had her doctor's appointment yet, but I will get her in there and update with her stats and such.  Here are some things that she is doing:

  • She can basically sit up by herself (except for when she gets really excited and she kicks her legs and face plants it.)
  • She is using her hands a lot better.  Getting better hand eye coordination.  Loves twisting her wrists and looking at her hands move
  • She rolls like crazy.  
  • Can be on her hands and knees but only if mom and dad hold her.  Sooo maybe she will crawl someday?
  • Puts everything in her mouth
  • Still introducing new foods.  Really prefers fruits over veggies (I even started with veggies first)
  • LOVES playing with her cousins.  We will be sad when they are gone :( (They are moving to California)
  • Loves talking and is making new sounds everyday.
  • She LOVES when I sign the alphabet to her.  I am hoping she will catch onto the other signs I use. I think she understands the one for milk because when I make it she gets REALLY excited to eat.
  • She loves when we clap our hands and say "Yeah"

There are so many other things, but I figure I should put some pictures up.

Classic Lynlee face

Right before she fell over.  Daddy got her really excited

This is my favorite because it shows her cute dimples and she is smiling.

The smirk smile while staring you down. Love this girl.

Had to have the sign.  She was crying and stopped when I gave it to her.

I had to put the video up because it shows her sitting and getting really excited and falling over.  She really loves watching Emma and Eliza dancing so cute.