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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reyna's birth story kinda

Ok so I don't remember doing this with Lynlee, but I think I should write down my memory of Reyna and the day she joined our family.

So I decided to get and induction which turned out to be my best option.  My body doesn't really progress so it needs help.  That was the same as Lynlee.  The doctor joked that I would be at 42 weeks pregnant and still not have made any progress haha.  Wasn't as funny on the day of induction.  I had dilated to about a 3 1/2, she had dropped enough and my cervix was at about 75% thinned.

We went in on the morning of January 19th filled out the paperwork and got settled into our room.  I got hooked up and told that I should get my epidural about two hours in at about 11 am.  I did and one of my legs went completely numb no feeling at all.  So that was fun.  Reyna's head was not facing the right way in the birth canal causing my cervix to thin completely on one side and not on the other.  With that I tried laying in a different position to try and get her facing the right way.  It worked and I was able to push.

Luckily the epidural had only worn off a little bit except for my one numb leg grrr.  That made pushing fun.  Matt and the nurse had to hold my legs to help me push.  I only had to push for 45 minutes this time and not an 1 1/2 hrs. :) She came out and the first thing that the doctor said was "you are going to surprised at how big she is"  I should tell you that in the weeks leading up he told me that she should be about the same size as her sister at 7lbs 9oz.  I was surprised to find out that she came out at 9lbs 2oz.  She was a chunker.  I was able to hold her for a little bit and then they took her to be cleaned and from that point I didn't get to hold her again for a long time.

Reyna was born with some fluid in her lungs and was not able to breath very well on her own (she had a 40% oxygen saturation or something) and so protocol took her to the NICU.  She was given antibiotics and put on a breathing machine.  I can't tell you how envious I was of every mother that had the opportunity to cuddle with their newborn.  I asked myself questions like "why she wasn't small or premie" "she came on her due date."

When I went to feed her in the NICU she was a monster compared to the other babies there.  Luckily the fluid cleared within two days, but she had to stay in there until her antibiotics dosage was through.  So our little big Reyna got to hangout in the NICU for a week.  I was told by the nurses that they knew it was her crying every time because she was ALWAYS hungry.  So she was given a few bottles while in the there. She is still the same.  You can never give her enough food haha.  It is fun to have our girls be at different ends of the spectrum.