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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oh wow!!! I am so terrible about keeping up haha :)

So a lot has happened since the last post, but you know me if I don't think about it then it doesn't happen.  For some reason it popped in my head this morning and here I am.

Reyna is 10 months old today what!!!!??? I cannot believe time has flown by so fast.  Our little girl is the light of our life. She loves learning new things and being apart of everything.  She is a social butterfly girl for sure.  She has started the stranger danger part which is only a problem when she is hungry or tired, but most of the time she calms down pretty fast.  She loves to clap and has the cutest little wave that you ever did see :) She can say mama, dada, I think sometimes she says dog, and I am pretty sure she will start saying Hi and Bye really soon.  It already sound like she is says Hi and Bye :)
Her hair still has a red tint to it which we are loving :) The girls dressed as Anna and Elsa for Halloween (my very reaction when she was a newborn that it was going to happen).

She is crawling around and pulling herself up and will try and stand by herself and then fall and then cry and I will have to comfort her.

The biggest difference I have noticed between Lynlee and Reyna is that she is so much more focused then Lynlee.

We had to switch to formula bottles at 7 months because I stopped producing, but she loves her bottle and I think it was a great transition.  Yes I felt guilty because of all of the new trend naturalist mothers out there.  I have sense come to my own consensus that it doesn't matter she is getting the nutrients she needs and is growing just fine.

Lynlee is still our petite little girl, but is getting smarter and smarter everyday.  She LOVES being a big sister and every chance she gets she will tell people that Reyna is her little sister.  Reyna loves her too and is already getting into her stuff.

Lynlee was supposed to start preschool this year (so she would have two years of preschool).  We don't have money to pay anyone and she didn't get into the free option.  Maybe she will get in January.

She started Ballet and absolutely loves it.  She comes home and practices and last week her practice paid off; her teacher noticed and she had a smile from ear to ear.  She was so proud of herself.  I have secretly always wanted my little girls to be dancers and it is off to a great start.  She is getting really smart.  The other day she came to me and she had written the word mom and I melted just a little bit.  She can write her name, but I didn't know she could do anything else.

Her current favorite toy is barbies.  I know I know seems superficial, but she loves to dress them up in different outfits a million times a day and plays with them.  This is going to make christmas easy :) She loves putting on shows.  I don't think she will have stage fright, but I think it is too young to tell.  She loves preforming for people though whether it be singing or dancing or putting on a small play.  She always wants someone to play with her (insert guilt for not having her in preschool).

Matt started and finished his first semester of his Master of Science in Finance. Hopefully he will be able to graduate next December (crossing my fingers).  He is going to the University of Utah which we sometimes joke with my dad about (he is a BYU alum and every year we get something BYU related haha).  

He decided to stay working full-time and going to school part-time.  That has been tough on Lynlee the most.  She is a daddy's girl through and through.  I am adjusting to it just fine.

I have started my own business.  LuLaRoe Nikki Shelton.  I sell the most comfortable clothing ever.   Something I thought I would do in a million billion years.  I started doing it mainly because people have told me I can't do it.  So right now I think my purpose in doing it is to prove to them that I can.  I can chase my dreams I don't have to listen to them.  Matt has been my biggest supporter and thinks that I can accomplish so many things.  What he thinks is the only thing that matters.  I have seen a change in Lynlee to with me doing this.  She thinks it is so much fun meeting new people and showing them how "cute" the clothes are.  She will go up to a piece and say "Oh I love this one it will look so good on you"  I love my sidekick in this adventure.

I have struggled with so many things starting this business because I am being forced to step out of my comfort zone.  The biggest lesson right now that I am learning is that I don't have to please everyone.  People won't like you and that is ok.  They may not love your clothing and support you, but I don't have to be bothered by that.  There are so many new people to meet in this journey and I can't wait to meet them and see how happy dressing in these clothes makes them feel.

Well, that is a short recap on the current big changes in our life.

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