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Monday, November 3, 2014

No I'm Ducky

Ok Lynlee is growing up so so so fast.  Can you believe she is already 3 years old!!! She is incredibly excited about her new baby sister that is on her way.  She will kiss and hug my tummy and call her by the name we have chosen (which I will announce the day she is born because it may change) :) She is a talker and LOVES to dance around the house and sing and make up her own songs :) Loves singing her alphabet, I am a Child of God, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and her made up princess songs.  She loves learning new things and reading her books.  Her imagination is really fun to watch and listen too.  Even though she is really small (bottom of the charts in height and weight; her head is normal though) she startles people with how smart she is :)  She does have quite the little attitude though a little diva that wants her way all the time.  I suppose that is just the age though ha.

So during her nighttime routine she all of the sudden started calling herself Ducky and I wanted to document it.  I wish I had a recording, but for some reason if you call her Ducky she will go to the bathroom, brush her teeth, chose out her books to read and what songs to sing her to sleep.  She has always liked ducks maybe that is where it comes from.   We did get a book from the library called Duck to the rescue maybe that is where she gets it, but whatever it is, it is so funny that she loves being called ducky haha :)

Another little funny thing that she says is when we are driving the car, just her and I, she will make sure to tell me that daddy is not in the car and it is just her.  She does this during the day when we are playing.  She will tell me she is playing with me because daddy isn't home....What!?!?! I guess she really is a daddy's girl haha :) So the days that Matt works his other job or has other obligations I feel bad that she doesn't get her daddy time.  She loves him so much.

Here are some current pictures of our Lynlee.  I wish I could find a picture, but her hair is getting thicker yay :)

Doing her puzzle and singing her alphabet
Looking really cute.

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