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Monday, August 18, 2014

It's a.......

Ok before I tell you the gender of the newest member of our family.  I am just going to brag a little bit about how AMAZING MountainStar Imaging Center is.  I have been to their clinic twice and the service given by the employees has been AMAZING.  Today the nurse couldn't stop talking about how great and hard working the OBGYN I chose is either.  It really made me feel comfortable with my decision with choosing him. I say this because with our insurance he wasn't the cheapest to go to (not most expensive one either), but the best location.

So Lynlee and Matt were able to join me on this visit. Yay :)  Matt I think really enjoyed how thorough the tech was in explaining everything she was looking for and so did I.  With Lynlee they didn't really talk to much about every specific thing.  Everything this lady looked at she gave a reasoning as to why she looks for it and then tied it to other things.  I really felt a lot more educated coming out of this. Anyways, Lynlee naturally didn't have a super long attention span for this, but the room was prepared with a toy to keep her entertained.  She really liked seeing the pictures on the big screen.  Here is my favorite picture we got.

Isn't it fun that she was able to get a high five picture.
This is another really cute picture
Hugging the placenta the entire time.  So cute.
So we went through everything and the nurse pointed out that I have a tilted Uterus and the baby was really liking pushing further back.  With that going against in seeing the gender the baby was also in a breech position so the bum and legs weren't in the best position.  Well with getting the babe to move and kick we were able to get it to show us.  And it is a girl.  Lynlee I am pretty sure has a sixth sense because every time we asked her what the baby is it was always a baby sister so we are really excited that she will get her little best friend.  For me I am slightly bummed, but still really excited :)  I was looking forward to having a boy.  You can never be really sure until the little one arrives though ;)  We are excited for this babe to join our family in January :)

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  1. Congrats! We had two girls in a row also and we love it! They are great friends. I remember being bummed with finding out the second was a girl too, but I wouldn't have it any other way now. Our third is a boy so I really think everything just happens for a reason and at the right time. :)