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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The happenings with the Sheltons

Just an update on us.  Matt is still working with Eurofresh Farms here in Arizona, but we are looking into him finishing his schooling.  That being said means we are looking for a new job in close proximity to a University that he could attend.  Right now we are favoring the Phoenix area so if anyone out there knows of any job openings in the Phoenix valley please let us know.  He is currently serving as the Young Men's president in the Spanish Branch and really liking it.  He loves interacting with the boys.  He is enjoying putting our yard together which is a really slow process.

As for myself I am LOVING being home with Lynlee.  I love being able to watch her grow each day and learn new things.  She is such a blessing in our lives.  I have started walking daily with a good friend.  It is really nice to talk to someone everyday. I don't do much else besides cook (I have been making recipes I find on pinterest), clean and when we have money in our budget a craft of some kind.  This past little while I have really started to like crocheting.  My next goal is to sew something.  I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I am determined to learn how to use it.  This whole homemaker thing is really new for me : / We shall see how it goes.

Miss Lynlee is doing fantastic.  She is growing more and more everyday.  She is doing really well with sitting up hopefully she will master it here in the next month.  For a baby who doesn't like to roll much she has discovered that it gets her places she wants to go and has started doing it more.  It is funny though each time she does it she will look up at me with this look like hey check out what I just did.  Her new favorite thing she has learned to do in the past couple of days is to take really deep breaths.  It is so funny to listen to her talk.

Here are some pictures that I took of her this past week:

Look our big girl mastering her sitting skills (she used to only bend over, but now twists everywhere while sitting).  She was grumpy so I didn't get a picture of her sitting on her own.

Watching Trixie.  I love her sly look.

This is the face she makes right before arching her back and crying to get out of her seat.

One of my favorites.

She literally bends in half so that she can put her feet in her mouth.

I got her to give a little smile. I wish I could show off her big smiles, but I just can't capture them for some reason.

She LOVES this chair.  She loves pulling the middle flower because it plays a song.  Oh and she loves her mardi gras beads.

This is her telling us that she is ready to get out of her rocker.

We are all doing fine and excited for what the future brings us.

Friday, March 2, 2012

5 Months

My Little girl is growing up so fast.  Here are the things she is doing:
  • Eating her feet
  • Grabbing everything and putting it in her mouth.
  • Screeching and talking
  • Against what the doctor has said we started feeding her solids and she is great with them.  She doesn't spit them out and swallows really well.
  • She LOVES and I mean LOVES watching other kids.  We took her the park the other day and she just wanted to do everything all the kids were doing.
  • She is sitting up better and better everyday.  
  • She LOVES kicking her legs and standing up
  • We are frustrated because she stopped sleeping through the night : (
  • So happy she is a self soother though.  She sucks her two middle fingers to calm herself it is so cute.
  • I love when she will be grabbing (most of the time her feet) something and stop to study her hands.
  • She loves watching Trixie.  The other day trixie started playing with her toy and she started laughing like it was the funniest thing.  Silly girl.
Well, there is a lot going on.  She is a small baby meaning she doesn't have the rolls that most people oh and ah over.  I think she is adorable no matter what.  She has started spitting a lot (I mean in the last week or so) and I don't know why.  I come up with my own theories, but I guess I will just try and change my diet and see if that helps.  I really think it is acid reflux.  Her daddy has it so it is highly possible she has it too.  Only time will tell though.  We love our little girl and can't wait to see what other little things she will start to do. Here are some pictures I took of her.  I am trying to take a picture at the beginning of each new month until she is a year to document her growth.

She was holding really still YAY!!!

"I want this sign really bad it looks sooo yummy"

 "Oh hey mom are you watching me"