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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We are here

So matt landed a job with a company called EuroFresh down near Wilcox, AZ as a staff accountant. Matt went down to start working shortly after accepting the offer leaving me for two weeks living with my parents so that he could find a place for us to live. During those two weeks my brother Mitch and his wife Lindsey came and visited us from Kentucky. I was able to see my little niece Makenzie, who I have not seen since our wedding last year. She has grown so much and has an adorable personality.

I would play with my lips making noises and she would copy

You would point your finger at her and she would touch her pointer finger to yours it was so cute.  She pulled away before I got a good shot.

Matt came back a couple days before memorial day weekend and had a chance to play with Mitch, Lindsey and Makenzie before packed up all of our stuff and moved to the AZ.  We moved to a little town called Safford to a studio apartment that is above his sister and brother-in-laws house.  Here are a couple of the pictures of our studio apartment.  Please don't mind the mess we have more stuff than will fit in the apartment. 



We have a cool stained glass window in the apartment.

On top of the house there is this little patio and these are the only stairs leading there.


The view from the deck to the front yard.

So the weather here is actually not that bad and the city is small, but has potential to feel like home.  I do need to admit that I am a little sad that the nearest big city is two hours away (matt and I made it in one and a half hours though) that town being Tuscon, Pheonix is three our so hours away.  The town does have a Walmart, Safeway, and Home Depot and a movie theatre that plays current movies.  Matt and I are currently looking for a house to buy so that we can officially live in a place of our own and not live with family.  Anyways,  I look forward to keeping you all up to date on our future adventures here.