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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update on Lynlee

This month is already half over CRAZY!!  Time is flying by.  I figured I should do a little update on our beautiful little girl Lynlee.  I warning you now my thoughts are all over the place so this post might seem like babbling.  Here it goes.

On January first she turned 3 months old and will be 16 weeks this Saturday.  We weighed her at my parents house while we were visiting for the holidays and she is weighing somewhere around 12 pounds.  She is definitely getting better.

Once we got back we stopped using the swaddle pod to sleep lynners in and she has been sleeping so good.  I guess her spontaneous reflexes have gone away.  Ever since we have come back she has been showing more and more of her personality.  She LOVES talking to her mobile when we put her in her swing or in her vibrating chair.  When she wakes up she is a little chatter box and Matt loves it because he doesn't get to see her all day while he is at work.  When he gets home from work she is starting to get grumpy.  I like to have her asleep by 8:00, but that doesn't always happen sometimes it is later sometimes earlier.  We are working on a set bedtime for her.  She is only waking up once a night (that changed when we came home from the holidays she used to sleep 7 hours straight), but does wake up at like 5:30 - 6 and then takes a morning nap from 7 - 8:30.  I think she just gets up so that she can see her daddy before he leaves for work.

She is not a cuddly baby so when she is held she LOVES facing the world.  It makes it hard to put her to sleep sometimes so we have resorted to letting her cry it out in her crib, which has worked wonders (we try and cuddle/walk and bounce her if she is crying really bad). She has a really cute little giggle.  She has started to a roll over a little bit.  Since we don't have a bumbo or anything like that we like to set her in her high chair, on the couch with pillows or in the boppy so that she will learn to sit up.  It seems to be working because she is learning to sit up just fine.  She has started to grab her toys and put them in her mouth.  She smiles whenever she hears Matt and my voices.  She will have her 4 month check up in february and I will update about her stats then.

Each day is an adventure with Lynners and we are excited to see what she will learn next.  I swear sometimes she says mama, but maybe that is me just hoping for her to say her first word (a little early I know, but you never know).  I wonder what it will be???  I love being a mom.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Last Year in Review

2011 has come and gone and the new year has begun.  So here is a what happened to the Shelton family this past year

January - We found out that we were expecting our little bundle of joy Lynlee.

February - We had the first ultrasound to confirm that we were expecting.  That appointment was on Valentines Day what a better way to celebrate love than to find out that more love was to come into our lives.
March - I quit my job that I didn't like very much to focus growing a healthy baby.

April - Easter was special this year.  Our niece Eliza got baptized and Matt's parents came to visit and my mom, sister Elyse and brother Bryan came to visit too and we did our very first hike up Mt. Graham.

May - We celebrated our one year living in Arizona. We had a gender ultrasound, but found out that we had a stubborn baby who would not show us the goods.

June - We found out officially that we were having a little girl.  We had a blast at the Shelton Reunion in Oceanside, CA.  We went to Disneyland, SeaWorld and the beach. I turned 24. Also visited our good friend Jocelyn.

July - Mistie asked me randomly to go to Utah for two weeks.  I was more than excited to escape the Arizona heat and visit my family (I was getting homesick).  My sister-in-law Melissa and my Mom threw me an impromptu Baby Shower.  We also celebrated our 2 year anniversary.

August - Nothing new or exciting really happened this month just preparing for our little girl to arrive.

September - Due date month.  So this was the month Lynlee was supposed to be born, but she decided to come a week late.

October - The very first day of October we welcomed our little girl into the world.  She was born on conference weekend so we like to call her our holy baby sometimes.  We had a Halloween party with some friends and met some new people who just moved into the neighborhood.

November - Lynlee was blessed on the 5th and it was an exciting time for us.  We decided to do it in our small Spanish Branch we have been serving in despite the invites from the grandparents to do it in their wards up in Utah so that more family could come.  Well, my family made it down to the blessing.  Matt turned 27.  His parents came down for Thanksgiving which I hosted this year.  We put in a sprinkler system in our backyard.  I had ear surgery for the hole that I have had in my ear for the past 2 years still don't know if the surgery worked, but will find out later this month.

December - Lynlee took her first big trip.  She flew on an airplane and did really well and drove all the way back from Utah to Arizona and did really well also.  We spent Christmas with Matt's family and the other days surrounding the holiday with my family.

This year has been an exciting one for us and we are excited for this next year.  Even though it is supposed to be the end of the world.  We are excited for our little to grow and learn new things.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 Month pictures

Okay so my little girl is growing up so incredibly fast.  She turned 3 months old on January 1st.  So while in Utah I got some pictures taken of her.  Luckily a girl that was in my parents ward in Riverton just started taking pictures and offered to do them for free.   I couldn't turn down that.  Anyways, the lighting wasn't the best and my punk of a daughter didn't want to smile oh well.  The pictures turned out AMAZING though.  

She didn't send my favorite picture of her which she has drool from her hand to her mouth.  Her favorite thing to do these days is eat her hands.  Sooooo cute.

Christmas Eve and Day and then some

So I have not updated in awhile, but that is because I have been out of town visiting family for the Holidays.  Lynners and i flew up (Lynlees first flight) on Dec. 17th for the Francis Family party.  I had not been to this annual party for two years and thought I should go to show off the new baby.  Lynlee took the flight really well; she slept through take off and screamed during landing and in the air she slept.  I was able to finish all of my Christmas shopping the week before Christmas.  I was really excited that I had found this game called Killer Bunnies.  Matt and I had played it in college when we were dating and LOVED it.  It was hard to find because you have to go to game stores and living in a small town that is hard to do.  Anyways, I was so excited to give it as our family gift so so so worth the trouble looking for it.

Matt wasn't able to come up to Utah until the 23rd.  He left thursday the 22nd and drove through the night with Ben and Mistie.  The night of the 23rd we had the awesome experience to go to the Bountiful0 temple with all of Matt's family to do the work for his brother that passed away a year ago.  It was fun to be with all of his family and do his brothers temple work on his brothers (the one that passed away) birthday.

On Christmas Eve we drove up to Matt's parents house to join up with all of his family.  That morning his dad made breakfast and the afternoon was spent hanging out and planning this coming years family reunion.  That night we had a program where each member of the family performed some type of talent.  Matt and I completely forgot about this and so I played the hymn "The First Noel" while he sang.  After that Matt and I opened and put on our Christmas jammies.  Lynlee got some too and they are adorable.  It was Lynners first Christmas :)

Christmas morning was fun, all of the little kids got up early to open presents before Church at 9:00.  Lynlee didn't really open her present, but she got a vibrating chair that will turn into a rocking chair and she LOVES it.  After church we exchanged sibling gifts and then we had Christmas dinner with the entire family.

Matt and I drove back to my parents house that night for my family gift exchange.  We were skyping with Mitch and Lindsey who couldn't make it out this year for Christmas.  When we got there and Nate and Melissa's kids were throwing up so they had opened their gifts and were ready to leave.  This was the start of the sickness that would take our family by storm the following week.  We had such a wonderful day.  I wish I would have remembered to take pictures.  There were pictures taken just not with our camera.  

So we stayed at my parents house that night with plans to head back up to Matt's parents Monday for a few days, but life had a different plan for us.  Matt started throwing up, he had caught the flu.  I started throwing up a few hours later and luckily Lynlee didn't catch it.  After we started feeling better (it was a 24 hour flu) we went up to Ogden and went to dinner with some of Matt's friends and visited another who just had a baby.  We went out to lunch with Matt's parents and Ben and Mistie's kids.

We came back down the next day and took pictures of Lynlee which I will do another post of.  I will also do a post for New Years Eve and day.  So much happened these past two weeks that it is really nice to be home and be able to get back into a routine.  It was so much fun showing Lynlee off because I think she is the most adorable little girl ever (think I am a little biased though).