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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update on Lynlee

This month is already half over CRAZY!!  Time is flying by.  I figured I should do a little update on our beautiful little girl Lynlee.  I warning you now my thoughts are all over the place so this post might seem like babbling.  Here it goes.

On January first she turned 3 months old and will be 16 weeks this Saturday.  We weighed her at my parents house while we were visiting for the holidays and she is weighing somewhere around 12 pounds.  She is definitely getting better.

Once we got back we stopped using the swaddle pod to sleep lynners in and she has been sleeping so good.  I guess her spontaneous reflexes have gone away.  Ever since we have come back she has been showing more and more of her personality.  She LOVES talking to her mobile when we put her in her swing or in her vibrating chair.  When she wakes up she is a little chatter box and Matt loves it because he doesn't get to see her all day while he is at work.  When he gets home from work she is starting to get grumpy.  I like to have her asleep by 8:00, but that doesn't always happen sometimes it is later sometimes earlier.  We are working on a set bedtime for her.  She is only waking up once a night (that changed when we came home from the holidays she used to sleep 7 hours straight), but does wake up at like 5:30 - 6 and then takes a morning nap from 7 - 8:30.  I think she just gets up so that she can see her daddy before he leaves for work.

She is not a cuddly baby so when she is held she LOVES facing the world.  It makes it hard to put her to sleep sometimes so we have resorted to letting her cry it out in her crib, which has worked wonders (we try and cuddle/walk and bounce her if she is crying really bad). She has a really cute little giggle.  She has started to a roll over a little bit.  Since we don't have a bumbo or anything like that we like to set her in her high chair, on the couch with pillows or in the boppy so that she will learn to sit up.  It seems to be working because she is learning to sit up just fine.  She has started to grab her toys and put them in her mouth.  She smiles whenever she hears Matt and my voices.  She will have her 4 month check up in february and I will update about her stats then.

Each day is an adventure with Lynners and we are excited to see what she will learn next.  I swear sometimes she says mama, but maybe that is me just hoping for her to say her first word (a little early I know, but you never know).  I wonder what it will be???  I love being a mom.

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