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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve and Day and then some

So I have not updated in awhile, but that is because I have been out of town visiting family for the Holidays.  Lynners and i flew up (Lynlees first flight) on Dec. 17th for the Francis Family party.  I had not been to this annual party for two years and thought I should go to show off the new baby.  Lynlee took the flight really well; she slept through take off and screamed during landing and in the air she slept.  I was able to finish all of my Christmas shopping the week before Christmas.  I was really excited that I had found this game called Killer Bunnies.  Matt and I had played it in college when we were dating and LOVED it.  It was hard to find because you have to go to game stores and living in a small town that is hard to do.  Anyways, I was so excited to give it as our family gift so so so worth the trouble looking for it.

Matt wasn't able to come up to Utah until the 23rd.  He left thursday the 22nd and drove through the night with Ben and Mistie.  The night of the 23rd we had the awesome experience to go to the Bountiful0 temple with all of Matt's family to do the work for his brother that passed away a year ago.  It was fun to be with all of his family and do his brothers temple work on his brothers (the one that passed away) birthday.

On Christmas Eve we drove up to Matt's parents house to join up with all of his family.  That morning his dad made breakfast and the afternoon was spent hanging out and planning this coming years family reunion.  That night we had a program where each member of the family performed some type of talent.  Matt and I completely forgot about this and so I played the hymn "The First Noel" while he sang.  After that Matt and I opened and put on our Christmas jammies.  Lynlee got some too and they are adorable.  It was Lynners first Christmas :)

Christmas morning was fun, all of the little kids got up early to open presents before Church at 9:00.  Lynlee didn't really open her present, but she got a vibrating chair that will turn into a rocking chair and she LOVES it.  After church we exchanged sibling gifts and then we had Christmas dinner with the entire family.

Matt and I drove back to my parents house that night for my family gift exchange.  We were skyping with Mitch and Lindsey who couldn't make it out this year for Christmas.  When we got there and Nate and Melissa's kids were throwing up so they had opened their gifts and were ready to leave.  This was the start of the sickness that would take our family by storm the following week.  We had such a wonderful day.  I wish I would have remembered to take pictures.  There were pictures taken just not with our camera.  

So we stayed at my parents house that night with plans to head back up to Matt's parents Monday for a few days, but life had a different plan for us.  Matt started throwing up, he had caught the flu.  I started throwing up a few hours later and luckily Lynlee didn't catch it.  After we started feeling better (it was a 24 hour flu) we went up to Ogden and went to dinner with some of Matt's friends and visited another who just had a baby.  We went out to lunch with Matt's parents and Ben and Mistie's kids.

We came back down the next day and took pictures of Lynlee which I will do another post of.  I will also do a post for New Years Eve and day.  So much happened these past two weeks that it is really nice to be home and be able to get back into a routine.  It was so much fun showing Lynlee off because I think she is the most adorable little girl ever (think I am a little biased though).

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