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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lynlee goes to the zoo!!

Matt had an interview in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago so I decided that I would go with him.  We spent the weekend there so on Saturday we took the opportunity go to the zoo.  I know Lynlee is a little small to really understand the zoo, but she sure loved watching everyone around her.  I love the zoo so much and just wanted to take her. We have a really social baby and she is really happy when surrounded by people.  So I didn't get a lot of pictures, but i got a few.  She is so adorable.

She saw this bird, but didn't get much of a reaction.

This is her looking at all the people.  

The bobcat saw her because we dressed her in bright colors.

When this monkey saw her bright colors it went crazy and came right over to her.  See Lynlee saw some of the animals.

Lynlee decided the others kids were more interesting.

This is my favorite part of the phoenix zoo.  These little monkeys run around you everywhere.

It was fun taking Lynlee to the zoo and let her experience animals.  Wherever we end up I hope we will be by a zoo so that I can get a membership so we can go all of the time.  I love animals and I want my children to love them too.

Lynlee is 4 months

Ok so I am horrible about posting.  On February 1st little miss lynlee turned 4 months.  She is growing up so fast it is crazy.  She has developed so much here are some things that she is doing:

  • Can roll over when she is in the mood. Not a big fan of tummy time.
  • She laughs, but she is extremely hard to get to laugh.  When she does it is the cutest thing ever.
  • She sits up really well in her bumbo or wherever we lean her up to sit. 
  • She has discovered her feet and LOVES playing with them.
  • Her favorite way to talk is in high squeals, but she babbles too.
  • She loves sitting in her rocker and playing with her toys.
  • She loves her Mr. Frog stuffed toy and will hug him while playing with her other toys.
  • She loves sitting in her highchair and playing with her ball toys.
  • She cuddles me everytime I pick her up which I love (she used to not cuddle).
  • She puts herself to sleep now too.
We have started feeding her oatmeal cereal because she watched us so intently while we ate our dinner.  So she eats that for lunch after I nurse her.  I am going to wait until she is five months to start introducing veggies. I know that I am not supposed to start feeding her anything until six months, but I started because she seemed so interested and is sitting up really well on her own with support.  There are so many other things that she does that I can't remember them maybe I will by the time I post her 5 month progress.  Here are her stats: 13lb 2oz. (little less than 50 percentile), 25 inches (between 50 - 75 percentile), her head measured almost the 75 percentile.  The doctor also said her soft spot is still a little big which means her head is going to get bigger.  I guess it was bound to happen; Matt's family has big heads and so does mine.  It is in the genes.

Here are some pictures:

This is how she calms herself. Sucking her two middle fingers.

She was falling down a little bit.

We can't wait to see what else she can do.  I love watching my little girl grow.