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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lynlee goes to the zoo!!

Matt had an interview in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago so I decided that I would go with him.  We spent the weekend there so on Saturday we took the opportunity go to the zoo.  I know Lynlee is a little small to really understand the zoo, but she sure loved watching everyone around her.  I love the zoo so much and just wanted to take her. We have a really social baby and she is really happy when surrounded by people.  So I didn't get a lot of pictures, but i got a few.  She is so adorable.

She saw this bird, but didn't get much of a reaction.

This is her looking at all the people.  

The bobcat saw her because we dressed her in bright colors.

When this monkey saw her bright colors it went crazy and came right over to her.  See Lynlee saw some of the animals.

Lynlee decided the others kids were more interesting.

This is my favorite part of the phoenix zoo.  These little monkeys run around you everywhere.

It was fun taking Lynlee to the zoo and let her experience animals.  Wherever we end up I hope we will be by a zoo so that I can get a membership so we can go all of the time.  I love animals and I want my children to love them too.

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