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Friday, May 16, 2014

The past few months

So I am terrible at updating this, but ever since moving back to Utah and seeing family sometimes I feel like I see everyone that reads this blog regularly and they know what is going on in our lives.  Then I thought maybe there are a few old friends that follow and I feel guilty for not keeping them in the loop.

Well, since I last posted we went on our first family vacation just the three of us.  We chose go to Las Vegas because we had bought this time share thing back in January 2013 that we needed to use.  So lodging had already been paid for months before.  I have never been to the Strip and wanted that one time experience and i got it and I don't know if I will see as much as we did this trip.  We didn't stay on the strip which I think was perfect for us.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was taking Lynlee to the swimming pool. She LOVED it.  The water was perfect and I just loved every minute of it :) I love how Lynlee is the center of my world. Everything I did was to create a positive experience for her.  Her favorite park I think would be when we went to Circus Circus and she got to play the arcade games.  It was such a fun family trip and we even got to see Matt's mission companion Jed and his family.  We are thankful they watched miss Lynlee while we had to go to a presentation :( We then went to the awesome discover kids museum there and dinner at retainer park.

What else big happened haha (my memory is definitely staring to go).  There were birthdays we celebrated of her cousin Makenzie, Grandma Mendenhall, Grandpa Mendenhall and called Grandma Shelton on her birthday.  There was conference Lynlees half birthday.  The crazy spring weather of Utah that we are adjusting too.  I love it though I have missed this time of year.  There was Easter where Lynlee got a cute new dress and went on to many egg hunts (I think there were four).  She LOVED all the candy she got though.  We tried to teach her the meaning of the Holiday.  She does recognize Jesus in her prayers now though so I see that as a success :) We went to my extended family gathering at West Mountain.  I have not been there since before I was married.

Things about Lynlee.  She is incredibly smart I just can't believe that I can hold a conversation with her.  She has recently started saying her very own prayers. She can count pretty high, but with the numbers in order she counts to 11. She can sing the alphabet song mainly with the show Super Why.  She understands what her shows are saying to her.  She has started playing with the neighbor girl more and every time she sees there house she asks if she can play.  She loves playing with her friend Aidalyn.  We took them to the zoo the other day and they were really cute together.

I love this video.

Lynlee repeats everything we say Yay!!! :) She is slowly getting more hair I hope by her third birthday she we have more.  She loves digging in the dirt and riding her bike.  Loves being outside in general.  Anytime we get in the car she asks if we can go to a park.  She is still our petite little girl I weigh every once in a while to see what our scale says and currently she is about 25 lbs and about 33 inches.  She it into the stage of owies and asks for band-aid's anytime she falls, but most of the time we can kiss them better and she is happy again.

Matt has had some changes in management at work that he is handling with the increased work load and such.  He is enjoying working out.  I am going to brag about him for a second though.  So we decided to do this 21 day fix program to kick our butts into Hawaii shape.  Matt has lost 3 inches in his waste and has gone down two holes in his belt.  He says he has more energy and really enjoys working out. This make my heart happy really :)

For myself I am hoping to change some things. I have made it a new goal to not complain publicly about my feelings.  I will vent to Matt and other sources such as family and friends.  With this new goal and eating more healthy and exercising everyday I am more happy.  I don't get down as much.  We are getting so excited for our vacation just the two of us in Hawaii :)