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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This weekend was long, but I feel wonderful with the decision that we have made.  On Sunday we fasted and prayed for which decision we should make.  The hard part was that we felt that either decision would be just right.  What helped make our decision came from an earlier prompting about a job (still waiting to hear back) in Utah.  We feel that it is time for us to move back to Utah.

This is definitely the harder path for us to take.  We have no job offer and would have to sale or rent our house.  Since the decision was made I feel really good.  Can't wait for the craziness that is in front of us.  So their you all have it.  We are moving back to Utah.  We plan to be there by the end of May, but still not sure on the timeline so that may change :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Decision? Decision?

This post is get my feelings out and possible feedback for those of you that read my blog.

So we have known for awhile that Matt's employment here would be coming to an end this year.  With that knowledge we started looking for employment here in Arizona and in Utah.

We started looking first in Utah because we want to eventually end up there. Also, Matt would like to go back to school to get a Master of Finance and having family in the area would make it easier on us to do so.

Being logical we started looking in Arizona next.  We have a house and friends here.  This is the place are marriage started growing stronger because we only have each other.

Truth be told I miss Utah mainly because I miss being around family.  I was able to handle living in Safford Arizona because Ben and Mistie lived there, but they have moved to California and they are no longer a 7 min drive from our house.

These type of big changes stress me out.  I love traveling and seeing new places and things, but I want to do just that, travel to those places not live there for short periods of time. I bring that up because Matt has gotten an offer from a company here in Arizona. It would require relocation every couple years; which I like because there is a possibility that we could end up at their division on Salt Lake City.  He doesn't have a lot of control over that though and  we would most likely quit that job and move to Utah anyways.  He gives his response to them on Monday.

So my thinking is there is this company that we haven't heard back from in Utah that could possibly give him a job, but we would have to wait a few weeks to hear back.  Matt has had two interviews with them.  Matt enjoys the product of this company better than the Arizona company. I just feel that taking this leap into possible no employment is the better choice. Along that note I feel that my emotions and strong desire to end up in Utah sway my thinking and feelings toward the decision.

Truthfully either way we would be happy.  This would just give us that push to be where we want to settle our roots.

As you can tell my thoughts are everywhere and I am jumping back from one to the other.  Which one would be better for us in the long run? I just don't know..both?  I will keep you all updated on our decision as we/I struggle through this decision.  Matt does have his feelings too that will be considered in this decision ;)

Have a lovely day.