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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

8 Months

Oh my goodness our little girl is growing so fast and learning new things everyday.  Even though she is not a chubby baby, but rather small, she is still developing right on track.  Taking pictures of her this month was a little tough, but I made it work.

Some things that she is doing that we LOVE:

  • She has mastered crawling and loves getting around and grabbing everything.
  • She loves her exersaucer.  I think it has given her a greater interest in wanting to walk.
  • She loves to stand by herself next to the couch or somewhere she can hold onto our legs.
  • She hasn't discovered any new sounds, but she is learning what dada really means cute.
  • Despite no new words she still LOVES to talk.
  • Loves watching Trixie.  We have found out this past week that hearing trixie bark makes her laugh.
  • Her favorite toys to play with are the cords to the laptop and charger for our PS3 controller.  Still loves her bead necklace.
  • Definitely a mommy's girl.  She will only cuddle with Matt when she is extremely tired and given up her will to push away.  
  • She is growing a little more hair, but still looks like a bald baby.  
  • One of her favorite foods is mashed potatoes and bananas.  She will always eat toast too.  She refuses baby food :( We really need to go buy a food mill.
  • Loves being a part of everything.  Which means that we end up holding her a lot.
  • When mom or dad sings (especially in church) she wants to sing with us cute.
There is more I am sure, but Lynlee has been sick and fussy lately and needing my attention so I better go and get her.  Here are some pictures before I leave:

Loving crawling

Wanted the sign really bad

So I finally let her get it

Wanted to test her exploring skills.  She found the sign and was determined to get it.

Kept wanting to stand to get the sign.

This is her wanting to play with Trixie's toys.

Happy 8 months :)

We have been told over and over how happy of a baby she is.  Constantly smiling at people when out of the apartment.  We have a social baby she must get that from her dad because I am shy.  Our little ray of sun is growing so fast and we are so excited to see what she will learn next :)  


So turns out I get stressed really easy and it takes over my life, but things have calmed down and here I am to catch you all up.

So the past month has been lots of fun for us.  We were able to have Matt's parents come and visit.  We were able to go and see Lynlee's newest cousin Macey before they moved.  We bought a car (first one we bought that has actual payments).  Our past three cars we outright have owned, we still have out truck.  We put in our fifth offer in on a house and they finally accepted so we are going through that process and hopefully we will be in our new house come July 6th.  Kinda stressed out about the new house because it is smaller than our last house, but still three bedroom 2 bath.  Here is to seeing how much 300 sq feet can make a difference.

Lynlee turned 8 months and I will make a post dedicated to our little sunshine.  Here are some pictures.

When Matt's parents came we went and walked around a outdoor mall close by.  This picture was supposed to be of a super happy baby she was laughing and stopped for the picture.  She was watching all of the kids playing on the splash pad.   

Here is 7 months 3 weeks Lynlee next to 1 week old Macey.  Lynlee is a small baby, but wow I can't believe she used to be the same size Macey is.  We were happy to be there for her blessing.  We will miss having them so close to us.