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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lynlee goes swimming.

I have heard and read pros and cons about letting your baby swim before a year old, but since I have always did what I wanted to I decided I wanted to take the opportunity of having free access to a pool to take her swimming.  That and we live in Arizona and it is already in the 100's.  It is really hot all of the time.  I can't wait until summer is over.  Anyways, we bought an inner tube for her to float in and can I just say we have a baby that LOVES to relax no lie.

We slowly introduced her to the water with us holding her first and then we decided to put her into the floater and she put her head back and relaxed like a champ.  I am glad there were a few other people at the pool because I think it helped her calm down.  She could watch them and smile at them.  Well, here are some pictures.
Her first swimsuit.  The smile that she gives everyone.

Dada and Lynners

Getting used to the water

Oh this is nice.  Seriously makes me laugh how she just kicks back and relaxes.

Dada and Lynners

She kept on trying to push herself out of the floater to try and get to the other people .

She loved being in the water and relaxing.  Once she started shivering we took her out and put her in a dry towel and in a clean dry diaper.  I can't believe how fast she is growing.  I am looking forward  to all the swimming fun that lies ahead of us.


  1. Love it! SO CUTE! I loved taking Ains swimming. They dont know the fear of water so much yet at that age. Just so long as you put them in a swim diaper, there is no reason not to let her swim!

    Glad you have a pool so close. Wish we did.

  2. Love it! She looks so cute in her swimsuit. Maybe when I finally meet her I'll be able to go swimming with her!