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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

7 Months

I know this is weeks over due life has been crazy busy, but our little Lynners has turned 7 months.  Where has the time gone????? She is growing up way to fast.  I am grateful I have the opportunity to stay at home with and watch her grow and learn.

Here are some things that she is doing:

  • Army crawling.  Mainly when we don't watch because she wants us to hold her all of the time or play with her.  She gets on her hands and knees and she cries. 
  • She LOVES to eat what we are having for dinner which means baby food is really hard to get her to eat now.  So I have been mashing up my own veggies and fruits for her.  And I got a little excited and had her try some chicken and rice the other day and she LOVED it.  I will stick the fruits and veggies awhile longer though until introducing more meat to her diet.
  • She babbles like crazy.  Wish she could say mama, but every time I try she smiles at me and laughs.  She says dada just fine.  Someday :\
  • Loves hitting her toys against things just to hear the sound.
  • Loves putting things in her mouth.
  • Got a new toy that allows her to walk around and she loves it and walks really well.  Hopefully it will get her ready for that milestone in her life.
  • She is an extremely happy baby.  Smiles at everyone.  This means that every time I go to the store someone always makes a comment about her because she tries to get their attention.  We have a social butterfly on our hands.  This is kinda funny because she doesn't really like anyone, but mom and dad to hold her.
  • Loves watching and playing with Trixie.
  • She got her first two teeth.  Yay!!!! 
  • She grabs things really well.  Example: When she eats her puffs she will pick it up with one hand open her hand up look at it and grab it with her thumb and finger so that she can put it into her mouth.  Can I say smarty pants I think so.
There are more things I am sure, but I can't think of them.  I only wish that we lived close to family so that she could get to know her cousins and aunt and uncles and grandparents better.  Hopefully we can move back after our time here in AZ.  

We love our little girl so much.  Here are some pictures.

Doing her army crawl

Crawl got her to the sign

She is getting so big

Say what???  I love this face too cute

Finally let her have the paper to play with.

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