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Monday, June 24, 2013

Disney adventures!!!! part 2

After the first day we went to Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios the next two days.  We spent a whole day at Animal Kingdom and split half and half with HS and Epcot.

At the Animal Kingdom we started out by going straight back to get on the safari ride; while Matt ran across the park to get fast pass tickets to the Expedition Everest.  After riding the Everest ride I got slightly sick (dramamine must not of kicked in fast enough).  We had some lunch after and then went on the river rapids ride which was fun :) I love rides like that.  We then walked around the nature trails and saw some animals.  We wanted to ride the dinosaur Primeval Whirl, but the line was too long for us so this is where we split up to go our own ways the rest of the day.

Mitch and Lindsey took their girls to the dino playground which I heard was awesome.  Sad I missed it, but Lynlee was grumpy and needed a nap so we took to walking around.

We went with my parents and did the bird show in which the local birds proved that all the training in the world natural instincts take over.  That means the local birds interfered with show and the birds weren't doing what they were taught haha :) I thought this was more interesting because it was natural.  After that Lynlee was snoozing so we headed over the bugs life show which Matt stayed out with Lynlee (such an awesome husband).  I think it would have scared Lynlee a little :)  After that we walked over and caught the Lion King show that was awesome.

After that everyone was ready to go back to the house and swim.  I didn't get pictures of the day, but I think Matt got one and I did.  Here they are.

Matt saw this guy on the way getting the fast pass tickets.

Took this on our way out of the park.  

Oh man I wish I could go back I feel like I missed so much at this park.

Next post will be on Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  I actually took more pictures that day :)


  1. In all our times at Animal Kingdom we never once saw DiVine (that person dressed in leaves). We looked a few times, but never caught it. Sounds like a fun day!

  2. I really want to go back too! It was seriously such an awesome trip!! I can't wait to start planning our next family trip.