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Friday, June 21, 2013

Disney adventures!!!! Part 1

So I love Disney or just being on vacation it is hard to tell sometimes haha :) So the first day was the Magic Kingdom.

There is a picture with all the grandkids, their parents, and Bryan, but I think Lindsey has it.  This is us walking into the park.  I loved that stroller; might have to get one for our next child.  Anyways,  the day was kind of chaotic (with Tara being sick and all), but we went on some rides together at the beginning and had people get fast passes to other rides.  We then split up and went our own way until lunchtime. We went on It's a Small World which Lynlee loved.  Matt and I ran into Mitch, Lindsey, Nate, Melis and their kids at the Belle experience. 

We ended the afternoon riding Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain.  I was really excited because last time I went to Disneyland I was 6 months pregnant and couldn't ride them.  We got the famous Pineapple Dole Whip drink (Lindsey, Elyse and I actually went back Friday to get ours).  During that time Lindsey and I took Makenzie and Lynlee to see Tinkerbell. (Lynlee got to see Belle, Tinkerbell, Woody and Jesse, and I Barney at Walt Disney World).  Lynlee is very stranger shy and was scared to meet everyone of them.  It wasn't surprising though that is how she is with anyone besides Mom and Dad.  

That night Mom and Dad, Lindsey, Elyse and I stayed and watched the electric parade.  We were even able (the three girls) to connect arms and skip down main street.  I thought it was very fitting.  During that time Matt went with Lynlee home and the other cousins and took a cousin bath. 

The first day was a blast and I would go into great detail, but I am afraid I wouldn't do it justice.   

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