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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Job, The Move

Sorry for not posting the rest about Disneyworld, but I have forgotten so much and would only have pictures to show.  All you need to know is that is was an AWESOME vacation (I love to go on vacation though).

So the month of June was a very eventful month for us.  At the beginning of the month/end of May, Matt had a few interviews by phone and in phoenix (which we decided not to pursue because it didn't match up with our future plans).  We put our house up for sale so put our foot forward to moving to Utah.

Well, we decided to go to Utah to see one of my closest cousins bless her cute little baby boy Marshall. Matt was able to set up an interview with a recruiter the Monday after the baby blessing and right after that he flew back to Phoenix to work leaving Lynlee and me in Utah for my cousins wedding.  During the two week break from each other he applied for a bunch of jobs through the ksl classifieds. He landed an interview for the Monday before we were to drive back to Arizona.  His recruiter was able to set up a couple interviews for him on the same day.

Matt's favorite interview/job description also happened to be one that called back on Friday with an offer. We accepted the offer and on the same day we accepted an offer on our house.  Everything was falling into place.  Matt put his two weeks in at work and we moved 4th of July weekend to Utah.

So the job he accepted happened to be in Park City, Utah therefore living with his parents in North Ogden would be a really long commute.  So we considered my parents, but his commute would still be an hour plus to and from each day.  We then realized my Aunt and Uncle live at the mouth of Parley's canyon and would give him the perfect commute.  We asked them if we could stay with them until we found a place of our own and the generously said yes.  They only have one kid staying and home and their youngest just left on a mission to Chile so there is be room for us. Yes we are paying them rent money, but much much less than what it costs to live on the east Salt Lake bench; we felt really blessed.. I am incredibly grateful for such wonderful family.  Matt really likes that his commute that is only a half hour (the shortest he has ever had).

Our house in Mesa closed on July 25th making it official that we can start looking at places to live here.  We are realizing how expensive it is to live in east Salt Lake City or Park City(cost and arm and a leg to live there).  We are considering our options and hopefully we chose a real estate agent that can find us the best deal there is out there.  We don't want to rent if we don't have too.

Well, we have all made the adjustment to living in Utah.  I am so happy to be back my heart feels at home again :)  During the month of July we also celebrated our 4 year anniversary and had the Shelton Family Reunion they both deserve their own posts though.

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  1. We miss you here, but are so glad everything has worked out so well for you guys! Good luck house hunting :)