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Monday, April 15, 2013

18 Months!!!!

I suppose now that the month is half over I should take time to remember what our little girl has accomplished by 18 months :) Time is going by so fast.  Well, we had her doctor appointment and no surprise she is still our little petite girl.  Still in the 3% for weight and height, but her head is normal in the 50-75% range.  Doctor is still worried (even after blood tests and trying different dietary measures) that she is so tiny.  I am not worried because we don't come from a family of tall people for heavens sake I am only 5'3" !! Anyways developmentally she is where she needs to be. Here is what she can do:

  • She has mastered running.  Loves being outside and running around while pushing her stroller with Trixie's toy and laughing because it is so funny :) ( here is the link to facebook for the video I have of her running and pushing her stroller).  
  • I wish I could say that she could say a lot of words, but she is definitely average in this area.  She can say:
    • Mom (mama and mommy)
    • Dad (dada and daddy)
    • Shoes (says it everytime she leaves her room)
    • Dog
    • Trixie
    • Ready set go (Go being the most clearly pronounced)
    • Car
    • Book
    • owie
    • Please (she really focuses on the p-p-p sound though)
    • Jacket
    • papa (used when talking with grandparents)
    • Wow (new favorite word right now)
    • "What?" seriously one of my favorite things she says :)
    • baby (doesn't really understand what it means though - looks like we should have another kid haha)
    • I would love to say she could say hi and bye, but she refuses to say those words haha :)
  • I know she can say more, but can't think of them right now.
  • She likes to undress herself and dress herself
  • Loves bath time
  • Loves to read books - if she has disappeared she is generally found reading a book.
  • Really likes to watch her tv shows 
  • Can dance
  • Loves to follow me around and copy what I am doing.
  • Can color and is really cute when she does because she gets on her tummy and kicks her feet while coloring. I really should get a picture of her doing it.
  • Loves playing pretend with her picnic basket and baby stroller.
  • Points to things she wants
  • Can climb on things, but is too short to get up on things (thank heavens haha :))
  • Knows wear her facial features are: eyes, ears, mouth, nose and hair.
  • prefers drinking from a cup.
  • Eats food a lot better with her utensils.
  • Loves to grab our hands and take us places.
  • Loves throwing balls.
There is probably a lot more that I could list, but can't think of them.  For being small she is right where she needs to be developmentally.  Her hair is still coming in slowly, but is coming in more.  Her hair is really blonde and so she looks balder than she really is. She had her first day of Nursery (outside of our nursery class) and did fantastic :) I can't believe she is old enough to be away from us during church.  Not the best at remembering to take pictures, but here is the most current picture of our little girl.  Lynlee is growing up so fast and she is soooo smart.

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  1. I just love her! I can't wait to see her soon. And you guys too :)