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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness.  My little girl is one years old I can't believe it because time has gone to fast.  I am grateful that I have been able to stay at home with my beautiful little girl and watch her grow and develop.  At the one year mark here are only a few of the things she can do.

  • She LOVES when her daddy comes home she will go to the the garage door and wait.  So cute.
  • When I bring out her stroller for our walk she screams with joy.
  • Has mastered climbing up and down the stairs and opening and tearing every thing out of cupboards :/ Don't know if this is my favorite phase.
  • Today her favorite thing was to sit down and then stand back up.  She is able to walk (walked all the way across the loft many times), but still prefers crawling which I am okay with. 
  • LOVES her books.  She will flip threw the pages and read the story to you.  
  • Still not in love with her carseat.  I am thinking that will change when she can face forward.
  • Starting to get hair and the back is curly. Really blonde hair so most people don't notice.  
  • So smart.  Has started moving some of her toys to certain places to crawl up to higher places.
  • Knows that she isn't supposed to do some things. Such as going into our bathroom and opening the cupboards.  She will start crawling that direction then look back at me to see if I am paying attention.  
There is more and I could go on forever, but most of it is developing a little more onto what I have written on past posts.  I decided to get professional photographs of her.  Here are some of my favorite ones.
Loves her Tiger.  Everytime she sees it she goes crazy.  Also it has helped her to recognize a tiger in some of her books.

Her foot touched the grass and she wasn't a huge fan, but dad brought out the tiger just in time to give a beautiful smile

I love this girl.  Favorite for sure.  She has four teeth on top, but the two on bottom seriously make this an adorable picture.

So glad I went with a safari theme.

Probably one of my very favorite pictures next to the toothy smile one.

Our little one exploring the world.

Look mom no hands :)

She hated the cake so much.  Which I thought was funny because she LOVED the cake we made for her.

I love this picture because it truly captures how she felt.

Tried to get some good ones though so I hid yogurt bites in the cake which she LOVES.

She LOVES balloons. 

Shoving a yogurt bite in not cake haha :)

"Seriously?" What a great face.


She hated the cake.

The balloon makes everything better.

First touch of the cake.  Notice holding onto the balloon for moral support haha :)

Sorry the last pictures were out of order, but I loved all of her pictures and wish I could have put them all up here.  I am in love with our little girl and think she is the most beautiful thing ever.  Being her mom has been awesome so far and I know it will just get better, but I am nervous for her to grow up.  Well, I will babble on forever about nothing so I hope you enjoy her pictures.  

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