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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New House #2

So our new house isn't really picturesque as our fist house, but I like this house more don't know why I just do.  Well, here is the run down of when we moved.  When Matt got his new job in Scottsdale we had two weeks or so to find a place to live so of course we found an apartment in North Phoenix.  We really liked that area and searched for a house there, but just never found something that we loved.  So we expanded our search to a little more than a half our commute for Matt.  So that landed us out in East Mesa.  The house isn't brand new and has things in it that we would like to update, but new enough (2001) that we are comfortable living here.  Here are some pictures that I got of our new place when we were not all the way moved in.
Our Kitchen which is a lot cleaner now and organized.  We bought our fridge on craigslist which ended up saving us about $1500 :)

Dining nook.  Matt got me flowers for our anniversary which was the weekend after we moved in.

The Living room, first room you see when walking in the front door.  

First off I don't like our rug in there when we get some disposable income we will replace it for sure.  This is the view from the back door.

View of the front of the house from the left of the big tree in front.

View of the house from the right of the big tree.  The big bush in front that looks like a tree has been trimmed and looks soooo much better now. Yes we share a driveway with our neighbor.  It doesn't bother me as much as it bothers Matt.

Our backyard before we cut the grass. We have a palm tree.

View from the other side of the yard.  We have a Lime tree.  

Down the upstairs hallway.  First door on the right is the guest/Lynlee bath. Second door on the right is Lynlee's room.  The room straight ahead is the guest room and the closet on the side is the washer and dryer. 

Looking from the top of the stairs from the hallway is our Loft with a game closet.

Right next to the game closet is the Master bedroom door (don't mind our REALLY messy room).  It is true we have NEVER bought a bedroom set in our three years of marriage.  I would really like one, but that is not at the top of our list to buy,

Here is the master bath.  Nothing special.

Matt and I would really like to update the kitchen and the bathrooms, but that will be done in time I am sure. I really like having a two story house.  Even though this house isn't as nice as our last one I like this one better.  It feels more homey to me like it was meant for us or something.  Anyways, I know the pictures are messy, but you get the idea of the layout.  If you really want to experience it you can come and visit us in the land of the sun :)  


  1. We have been married 7 years and haven't bought a bedroom set yet :) I think your house looks really nice! Congrats.

  2. looks nice! i'm jealous- i want a house so bad. this tiny thing called a house will just have to do. :)

  3. I hear you on the bedroom set...6 years later I would still love a new one lol Your house seems perfect, I'm glad you love it! :)