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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Party!! Party!!

Alright so since we don't live close to family, and just moved to the Phoenix valley, I stressed so much about throwing Lynlee a first year birthday party.  I originally decided it would be just Matt and me with Lynlee smashing into a cupcake.  That changed when I decided to invite the few people that we know in the Phoenix valley (like a total of six families).  Well only one of the them was able to make it to the party.  With it being the people we knew best I decided to still go through with doing a small party and at a little later time.  That meant that our neighbors that we met two weeks earlier were able to stop by for a few minutes which made it feel like more of a success.  Lynlee had two little friends she could play with. Here are the pictures that I took of her decorations.   

Her simple decorations.

I really wanted to make this owl cupcake creation.  Cute right!!? Can you tell which owls Matt did?

I made a homemade banner.

She was so excited

She LOVED her cupcake which is funny because she HATED her cake smash session for pictures.


Even though not a lot of people came to her party I feel like now we have made a great memory for her birthday.  We love our little girl and can't believe she is growing up so fast.  She has accomplished so much in her first year :)


  1. The party looks so cute. I love the owl cupcakes! It's tough to not have family around for milestones, but I think small parties are just as fun as big ones (plus they're less stressful on you). Mitch can't wait to meet little Lynlee in a few weeks!