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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

This weekend was really fun filled with family.  It all started off with my mom, sister Elyse, and brother Bryan coming down thursday night from Utah.  Their spring break from school was this weekend and they decided to come and visit matt and me.  We were thrilled.  To add to the family fun.  Our niece, on matts side of the family, Eliza got baptized friday night meaning that matt's parents and sister and brother-in-law all came down to participate.

With both families here we had to split up time, but friday when matt was at work I took my family up Mt. Graham to find a hike to do and have a picnic.  We found a good hike and it was fun, but bryan was a little on the sick side (he came down with a cold the night before) so he ran out of energy pretty quick.  So we found a creek to eat lunch at and it was really fun.  Bryan wanted to find lizards and was able to do that at the spot we chose to eat.  He loved it.  I forgot my camara and the pictures we got are on their camara.  It was good times for sure.

That night we went to the baptism.  It was pretty cool.  Last november matt and I (along with his sister Mistie and brother-in-law Ben) got called to serve in the spanish branch.  It was cool because there were four baptisms at the same time all from the branch.  It was really neat.  It was fun to experience that.

Saturday came and matt and I decided to take my family to cluff pond.  We were going to swim, but decided that we didn't want to with it being a more overcast day.  So I wanted to try and hike around the pond so we found a trail and it was fun.  We went in on one trail and came out at the same spot on a different trail.  The trail didn't go all the way around, so matt and bryan found a different way back.  They led us on a trail ducking through trees and walking through bushes not really a trail at all.  It was really fun though.  We headed back and met up with matt's family at a bbq.  It was a really good day.

Sunday we had stake conference and a big easter dinner with both families.  Also in conjunction with that celebrating Matt's mom's bday.  After the dinner and dessert matt and I headed home from Ben and Misties and played games with my family.  Matt's parents left right after dinner and dessert. 

It was a really good weekend.  Made me miss being close to family, but someday we will move back around them; when a job opens up there.  All in all it was a great weekend. 

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