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Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby update

So thursday we had our anatomy appointment.  Matt took the day off and it was a great day.  I loved how the ultrasound tech told us everything and showed us everything it was really cool.  Baby looks healthy and developing just fine. Our due date is still set for Sept. 25th so I am over half way there.  The tech kept telling us how cute it was.  Matt hadn't seen the baby since the first apppointment that confirmed pregnancy so he was really excited to have everything shown to him.  Along with being so excited he was supportive to me when the baby was being stubborn (like it's mother) and not letting us find the gender.  That is right we still don't know the gender.  With the stubborness of our child we got to schedule another appointment with the tech because she could not see the lower spine.  She wants to check for spina bifida (which is good).  So in two weeks we will have another try to find the gender.  I am starting not to want to know the sex and be suprised (this next appointment will be the third try) , but of course if she can tell the gender we want to know.  As much as I want a boy I think that it is a girl.  The tech even said from what she could see that she was leaning towards girl, but couldn't confirm it though.  We shall see.  Oh and later that day the baby started to kick (which I have been feeling for the past couple weeks), but this time if you put fingers on my tummy you could feel it.  So matt was able to feel his child kick and he loved it. 
Profile of the cuteness to come

The little feet.

Had it's hand over it's forehead after doing some serious punches with both arms.  It was also playing catch with the umbilical cord.  Maybe we have a future athlete here.

Matt is going to be the best daddy in the whole world and I am so excited to raise this child with him.  Our lives are going to change forever and we are nervous not going to lie, but ready for this next step to happen.  My patience is already being tested with the stubborness of the baby, but I know that this is only the beginning.  WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!  can't wait for the little one to get here.   

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