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Monday, March 3, 2014

Lynlee Paints

So I will admit to you all right here and now.  I can be a really lazy mom.  There I said it :)  With that out there I have waited until my child was almost 2 and a half to introduce her to painting because 1. It is a messy ordeal and 2. I have had very little patience with her me myself stage.  So one day I whipped out the paints I had bought her for Christmas.  

She was sooooo excited.  I threw on her little apron and of course I had to wear one too.  We set down and began to paint.  She LOVED it and everyday since then she likes to ask me about painting again most of the time I am able to show her the video of her painting the first time and that satisfies her need.  I am not a very creative person hence why my degree is in accounting haha.  Anyways, I have a feeling I will need overcome my dislike for mess and try to help form a healthy creative side for Miss Lynlee.

She really does love it.  She put so much concentration into trying to do it.  I hope that I can keep up with her energy of wanting to try new things. Love this girl so miuch.

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