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Monday, March 3, 2014

February 2014

Two months have past this year all ready, oh my goodness!!  Nothing really exciting happened.

Valentines was fun.  Lynlee and I woke up to some flowers, love notes, a chocolate treat, sparkling cider and she got a sock monkey. I made dinner and gave him some Milanos. We stayed in and watched a movie and just spent time with each other.  If you ask me that is the perfect way to spend Valentines day.  We don't need something fancy just each other :) I didn't take pictures because I forgot.

I attempted to take a picture to send out, but this was her mood so I didn't send anything out.

Matt sang in church and I played the piano (really overcoming my fear of playing in front of people).  It went really well.  We chose the song weeks before and it correlated perfectly with the talks given that day.  Inspiration in choosing that song I think :) We are really liking our ward.

Lynlee and I went on some walks with our friends Liz and Lilly and Leah and Aidalyn.  We have loved our little get-together's.  We were even able to go on some walks.  We are getting really excited for Spring to come. We are hoping since March came in like a lion that it will go out like a lamb haha.

We went to the zoo on Presidents Day

On this visit Lynlee being her I want to do things myself phase she tripped and face planted it into a the fence by the elephants and we left with a bruised cheek.  She had a blast and we got to hear the tiger roar and everything. 

Mitch and Lindsey came down from Idaho.  We celebrated Miss Alex's birthday and the next day we went up to PCMR and hit the slopes.  I had a blast.  It was fun to go with Mitch, Lindsey and Bryan.  Matt had gone on a business trip so I decided that we would spend the night at my parents place.  The next day took the girls ice skating for the first time.  Lynlee loved it 

 We took a video, but those take forever to load.

We went on a date to see "Walk off the earth" with "Parachute."  It was so much fun to get out and do something fun.  We met up with Matt's sister Jenny and husband Matthew at Jason's Deli.  I would upload a video, but once again that takes forever, but they are pretty awesome. 

Lynlee started doing better with potty training, but still doesn't want poop consistently.  The pediatrician warned us that would be really hard for her to master because of her constipation days.  She is getting better though.  She is eating more than she used too.  She is getting to be really smart.  She counts to 11 and knows her letter really well.  If you show her a letter she will tell you what it is.  She LOVES reading books like most toddlers.  She LOVES taking showers not baths, but that is ok with me.  Loves playing with friends.  I can't believe I have to start thinking about joy school and preschool here really soon.  My baby girl is growing up so fast.  

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