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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Uncle Mitch!!!!

So a couple days after Matt and I got married on July 30th 2009 my brother Mitch moved to Louisville, Kentucky for medical school.  We saw him five months later for Christmas.  So the last time I saw him was December 2009.  Matt and I have since moved to Mexico and back and then to Arizona.  In Arizona we moved four times.  Within those moves we had a beautiful baby girl Lynlee Nicole Shelton.  So when my brother called telling me he had an interview for a residency here in Phoenix I was so EXCITED!!!  We hadn't seen each other for almost three years.  He got to meet miss Lynlee for the first time at one year old :)

He came into town on Oct. 25th (couple days after my mom left).  He was gone that night and a big chunk of the next day for the residency interview stuff, but he decided to stay an extra day to spend with us.  Friday night we went to dinner and on Saturday we took him around the grounds at the Mesa Temple and then we drove out towards a lake.  He wanted to see a Saguaro (the iconic cactus) in the wild.  That is something that is native to this area.  It was so much fun so hang out and talk.  It didn't feel like we hadn't seen each for that long.  Her are the few pictures I remembered to take while he was here.

Mitch, Me and Lynlee

Yes the wind was blowing and my hair looks a little scary :/

Another family picture.

It was so much fun getting to see Mitch.  It was fun because Matt and Mitch have never really had the opportunity to hang out and talk and they got to.  I am a little bummed because Mitch wanted a picture next to a Saguaro and so we hiked out to do so and I forgot the camera and my phone.  It was a cool cactus too. Lesson learned.  Such a fun weekend :) Yes the following day Matt and I came down with the flu :( Glad it waited to hit until after Mitch left really early Sunday morning.  

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