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Thursday, November 8, 2012


So this year Halloween was low key around here.  Something I actually perfer.  I am not a person to throw a party.  Anyways,  this year I made a costume for Lynlee which is something out of character for me.  I am becoming more and more domestic everyday.  Here is what it was........ a money bag.  You may ask the question "Why?", because one night while Matt and I were scrolling through ideas of themed costumes we ran across robbers with a bag of money.  It was fun to dress her up and I am pretty proud of how the money bag turned out.  Matt and I only dressed up for our ward Halloween/Trunk or treat party as robbers (didn't get a picture of us all together).  We put Lynlee in her costume for all Hallows eve though.  She didn't get to show it off to many trick-or-treater's because she got tired and grumpy.  I snapped a couple pictures though before we sent her off to bed.

Our loot :) I love her costume :)

LOVED playing with the candy bowl.

Many might wonder if we took her out door to door and the answer is no.  We would only be showing off her costume and her overwhelming cuteness to get candy that we would have to eat.  So we decided to save ourselves some calories we would just show her off at our door :) I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  

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