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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 Months

Okay so I am completely behind on updating about Lynlee.  Here it goes lets see if I can remember.

  • She is little miss energetic
  • Loves being around people only if mom and/or dad are there too
  • Still Loves to talk - is finally able to say mama even though it is not directed at me, but she can make the sound so I think that counts.
  • Still wearing size 2 diapers
  • Only weighs 15 lbs 7 oz, our petite little girl :)
  • LOVES food.  HATES formula and won't nurse very well.  Started to introduce whole milk (ped said it was ok with only 4 oz a day and I added some carnation instant breakfast) also give her a little juice and water to keep her hydrated.
  • Still having a hard time pooping (ped thinks it is normal, but I just don't know).  We don't feed her bananas all that often anymore because they play a huge part (she LOVES them though poor girl)
  • Can stand up on her own - still nervous to take steps by herself
  • So hard to change her diaper.
  • Going to sleep better at night.
  • Loves reading her books.
  • Still loves the mardi gras beads dada gave her
  • Has four teeth

She is our cute little girl, though small, is a smarty pants in all that she does.  Here are some pictures.

Taken at Peter and Jocelyn's Wedding

Loves being on Dada's Shoulders

Bad picture, but she loves trying to get things off our bed

LOVES sticking her tongue out

Every morning she plays with dads stuff

She is growing and learning everyday.  She has such a great personality.  We love her.

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