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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family Pictures

So for those of you who don't know we have moved to Mesa and are loving it here (minus the HOT weather, definitely ready for it to dip below the hundreds).

We really like our new ward everyone here is so friendly, however it is sooo large that we feel a little lost in the crowd.  Making friends has never been one of my strong suits because I am shy and at times I think socially retarded haha.  Anyways, my goal is to overcome that and move on with life and make new friends.

Anyways, our new ward does a photo directory (which I think is genius in such a large ward).  They had access to a professional photographer that came and took pictures of each family for FREE!!!! (my favorite form of payment :)  So he was really nice with us and took a picture of Lynners.  In my opinion I thought he did a great job minus my own self critical points on myself, but Matt and Lynlee look great.  Truthfully I think Lynlee is the best looking one. Here they are the Matt and Nikki Shelton Family:

She was talking that is why she is not smiling and her hand is giving an almost thumbs up.

Do you think she is a mama's girl? She had to make sure she was touching me the whole time it was pretty cute.

I am going through a hair thing right now.  Should I go back to a short A-line?  I really liked it before.  Some comments would be GREAT!!!  thanks and have a great day.


  1. I say if you loved your hair shorter, cut it. It's hair and it will always grow back! And I think the family picture is great! Lynlee is super cute!

  2. cute pics! I love the a line...mines been like that for like 3 years lol easy mom hair, ha ha Lindsey is right hair always grows back :o)