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Friday, August 10, 2012

Catch up

I have been terrible at keeping this blog updated.  A lot has happened since we moved into our new house.  There are some things that we need to get before we can fully unpack such as: the kitchen is small and so we need to buy a roll away kitchen island and we have a lot of books and no book shelve, and we need a lawn mower. This will be our first weekend in our house which I am pretty excited about.  I really love our new neighborhood and ward.

Our insurance took awhile to get going because apparently we had been added to the wrong plan and so we had to change it to the correct one.  That being said I was finally able to get Lynners into a doctor.  I have been worried about her weight.  Her stats at 10 months are : 15 lbs 7 oz (not on the charts), 27 inches (25th percentile) and her head is between the 25th and 50th percentile.  What bothers me about her weight gain is that she eats sooooo much food.  Well balanced diet too.  She gets her full serving of fruits and veggies along with her meats and carbs.  The only advice the doc gave was to have her drink formula (which I told her we have tried multiple times and she REFUSES it). So I asked about introducing whole milk and she was not a fan of that idea which I think I will do anyways.  I am not a big fan of the pediatrician so I think I will try another doctor :(

Good news is that she is developing right on track.  She pulls herself up and cruises on furniture and can even stand by herself and can almost take a step, but she is not ready for that yet.  She points to things.  Talks up a storm, but can say nothing understandable except dada.  LOVES playing with her toys especially when they are all in her basket and she can pull them all out.  LOVES pulling her books off of the shelves.  Her favorite toy is keys.  She is exploring everything.  She loves music: singing in church, pushing her toys that have music, and listening to the radio with mommy.  Even though she is gaining weight slowly she is our little girl and we love her more than anything.  Wish us luck for helping her pack on the pounds.

We were able to make it to a wedding of a really good college friend Jocelyn.  It was totally worth the whirlwind trip to Utah.  It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride and groom.  Twelve hours in a car is way to long, but I can say we have the best ten month baby ever.  She was sooo incredibly good.  Didn't cry at all.  Just little whimpers every now and then, but only when she was waking up and trying to fall asleep.

That is the Sheltons for now I am sure there is more left out, but if I don't blog right away I forget.  Here is to trying to keep things current.  Oh and sorry for no pictures can't remember where I put the camera :/ 


  1. My parents had the same problems with my little sister in the weight department. They were told to feed her carnation instant breakfast so that she would get all the proteins and nutrition extra with the milk...

  2. Don't stress about the weight gain- especially if you know she's eating enough and healthy. Miss A is barely like 22 lbs. but she eats great.
    Glad you're in your house! Would love to see pics. You wouldn't believe the changes Stanley is making to the outside of your old place. Lots of landscaping, (looks nice) and today painting the exterior. Guess we'll see how it turns out!