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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh stress...

So here is what is happening in our life right now.  We put an offer in on a house the first week of June with an original close date of July 6th.  Apparently we forgot  (Loan officer didn't let us know) to give our loan officer something and now it is taking such a long time. We had to resubmit for approvals and that just takes so long. He is not my favorite loan officer, but is a really nice person so it is hard for us to be upset that he is being slow with this whole process.  This stresses me out because what I had planned in my mind is not happening.  Turns out change is something that makes me stress (normal right?).

Anyways,  Lynlee is being just as cute as ever which helps me not stress so much.  She makes so many noises we LOVE it.  At church she was being a little clown making all of the noises she knows how too.  Her newest one is clicking her tongue.  She is finally seeming to grow.  Size 2 diapers are fitting just perfect and her 9 month clothes are starting to fit her even though they are slightly baggy.  She is mastering her walking skills.  She can almost stand by herself without help.

Once in our new place I will have to take pictures.  It is smaller than our last house, but i think it will fit us perfectly.  Looking forward to our new family adventures.

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