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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

9 Months!!!!

Our little girl is 9 MONTHS!!!  Oh my goodness time is flying by.  Well, I know it has been a week since she has met that milestone, but here we go.  

  • She is pulling her self up really well now on couches, chairs and walls basically anything that gets her to stand and move. She moves along the couch well.  I don't know how close walking is. I still think that it is far away.
  • She has become a speedy crawler and is getting into everything, I am slightly nervous that our new house has stairs (going to have to buy a baby gate)
  • Learning new sounds everyday.  I really think she is understanding what dada means.  She LOVES to talk and tell stories and sing.
  • She gets so excited to see Matt when he gets home from work.  I have a feeling she is going to be a daddy's girl.  
  • Still loves to watch people and try to get their attention so she can give them a smile.
  • She is still tiny, but growing slowly.  She still fits into some 3 month clothes. Insurance is still not set up so we haven't taken her to the doctor yet.
  • LOVES playing with her toys.  She is getting to be a little miss smarty pants for sure.
  • Eating is fun with her because when she sees something that she wants she will make sure that she will get it.  Still has a hard time eating veggies, but I sneak them into other foods.

I am sure there is more, but I will just give you her pictures I took for 9 months.

Smarty pants playing with her toys (Yes I had to sneak the sign in)

"Oh hey mom"

Discovered I was sneaking the sign in

Bait to have her climb, but here she is climbing

Our movies are in danger of her new skills.

Look at them being friends

She is growing up so much and we can't believe it.  I am a little sad her one year mark is coming up.  I am mainly sad because we don't live by family to help us celebrate that first birthday.  Oh well, what do you do.

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