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Thursday, November 3, 2011


So this is the first time Matt and I have actually been in a house for this holiday.  We were excited because we would be getting trick or treaters, something we have never experienced.  Also we were excited to be spending it with our little girl :) :) she was the cutest BYU cheerleader.  

Since it was our first time we decided to throw a party at our place.  Some people were not able to make it and were dearly missed so we ended up with two young families; the Clonts and Andersons.  I didn't get a great picture of everyone, but tried as everyone was getting ready to leave.  Everyone dressed up.  I was white trash, Matt was static cling, Lynlee a BYU cheerleader, Jacob Clont was Neville Longbottom, Dena Clont was  Vampire, Ammon Clont was an adorable Skunk, Steve and Katrina Anderson were Allstars, Anyslee Anderson was the cutest puppy ever (wish I would have gotten her picture).  My memory is truly leaving me.  We had dinner and I made Halloween hotdog mummies (so cute), cheese fingers, and Butterbeer.  I even had the opportunity to decorate our front porch which you can see in the pictures of matt and my costumes. 
Our pumpkin

The doughnut eating contest, The girls tried, but the string fell off in the first 10 seconds of the contest.

Steve was the first to get it all in his mouth, but Jacob actually swallowed first.  I thought Steve won and so this is why I took his picture.

This is everyone.  Really bad picture I know, but that is all I got.

White trash.  I had stuff on the back too.  Super easy costume.

Static Cling.  He had a bib and baby sock on the back.  This is our cute front porch too.

This was a fun party even though not everyone was able to come.  We had so much fun.  I found that I really like to decorate and make creative meals.  Having kids is going to be sooo much fun.  I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.

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  1. thanks for having us over! it was so fun to get out and meet some new people and feel welcome. you guys have been great neighbors.
    PS the food was great!