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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

As time goes on

Since the last post I made matt and I went on a trip to Oceanside, CA (much needed to escape the heat of Arizona) for a family reunion.  It was good times for sure.  Disneyland was fun and I got to ride bunch of rides just not the big roller coaster ones (a little sad about that).  Sea World was really fun too I love seeing animals.  Also since all of the sister-in-laws were together they threw me a shower which was really great.  As a poor young couple living in a small town it is going to be hard to get all the stuff we need.  I was so sad to return to our home though (mainly because of the heat).  With the pregnancy everything is going well I am getting bigger every week and have gained too much weight kinda scared I won't loose it all after the baby is here. 

We are getting stoked for our little girl to be here so that we can hold her and love her and raise her.  This past weekend we painted her bedroom a light green, bought a crib and changing station and assembled them so her room is looking more and more like a nursery.  Next step is put pictures and decorations up.  Man I am so excited for this little girl to get here.  Oh she has become quite the little gymanist too.  She is kicking like crazy and mat LOVES to see my belly move when she does.  He is so fun to watch when he is looking at my tummy he is amazed every single time she moves.  I married the most wonderful man in the world and cannot wait until he can be the best daddy ever.

Not much else has happened.  I wll keep you updated on our little bundle of joy.  She is going to be here before we know it.  Just 11 1/2 weeks.   YAY!!!!!!!

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