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Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in Review

This past year has been eventful for the Shelton fam :) and since we don't/didn't do a holiday card this is what happened :)

The year started out with the knowledge that Matt's current job in Scottsdale, AZ would be coming to the end in a few months (ended up being longer).  So we began the hunt for new employment played around with the idea of moving back to Utah.  We didn't want to get too serious because of our plans to take a family trip to Walt Disney World in May.

Lynlee and I enjoyed taking daily walks to the neighborhood park for play dates.  We went to the Phoenix zoo where Lynlee loved seeing all of the animals.  We would follow up those visits with going with Dad to lunch :)

After turning down a great offer for a company in Tempe we made the official decision that moving back to Utah was the path we are supposed to follow.  Matt applied to many jobs on ksl and through some contacts that he had.  We met with a recruiter and things were set in motion.

We went to Disney World in May to celebrate Mitch's graduation from Medical school and moving on to their next step of residency.  This trip was fantastic and we loved every moment of it.  We were there a day early and went to a natural spring followed by meeting everyone at the vacation home.  It was awesome this giant house included a pool and spa where we spent some fun quality time :)  We had a blast at all of the parks.  Sad that is had to come to an end, but left with awesome memories :)

Upon returning Matt had set up some interviews in the 'tah and we came up hoping for the best.  At that same time we put our house up on the market :) Being back in Arizona from our trip to Utah for one day Matt got an offer from a job that would push him in the direction he wanted his career to go. Two days later we got an offer on our house and it was all meant to be :) The Lord truly works in our lives.  

We moved within the next couple weeks into my Aunt and Uncle's house in Canyon Rim (Salt Lake).   Incredibly grateful for awesome family for letting us live with them while we found a place of our own.  The new job is in Park City, UT and the commute was best from their house. Since living in Park City was out of the question because I didn't want to work we started looking in Murray, Salt Lake, and surrounding communities to live.  We found a house and fell in love with it in Murray (even though our windows started leaking this past month).   Matt's commute is still about a half hour, but we live in Salt Lake because Matt is going to go get his Masters in Finance :) Let's hope he gets into the program with the U of U.

We had the Shelton reunion at Bear Lake this year and we put our anniversary together with it spending the night before in Logan at Anniversary Inn (we has a discount coupon yay!) We had a blast and met up with the family for a fun time.  We also had the opportunity to go to the Mendenhall Family cabin which we hadn't been too in three years.  This was such an awesome summer.

Our beautiful miss Lynlee turned two and she has embraced the terrible twos throwing horrible tantrums and crying every time she doesn't get her way. Potty training is actually going better than I thought it would (knock on wood).  She transitioned to a big girl bed without any problems.  We love her to pieces.

Our new ward is amazing and has opened us with open arms.  Matt and I both have callings (something that took six months living in Mesa to get).  We fill like we are part of the ward.

The holidays were crazy busy with family parties and trying to get everything ready.  We enjoyed seeing our families and are excited to see what the next year has in store for us :)  Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

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