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Monday, December 5, 2011


So last week I under went surgery and can I tell you I was really nervous.  I don't know why because it is a really simple surgery and not on any major organs.  I have had a hole in my ear drum ever since I lived in Mexico 2 years ago.  It never really bothered me except that when I wanted to pop my ears I never could because of the hole.  Swimming was not very enjoyable for me and that was actually when I discovered the hole.  I was swimming in the ocean off the coast of Mexico and the salt water burned my ear it was crazy. I was going to have the surgery performed in January of this year, but we found out we were pregnant so we decided to wait.  After Lynlee was born I kept putting off setting up the appointment and finally made it and here I am now recovering perfectly fine from the ordeal.

The first days of recovery were really hard I was really dizzy and all Lynlee wanted was to be walked around and I just couldn't do that without dropping her.  So on Thursday I made Matt call into work sick and stay home with me and the lynners.   I then decided to stop taking Loritab and the dizziness slowed down so so so so so so much.  I was just dealing with the dizziness involved with the ear now. Sometimes I forget how badly I react to Loritab (it happened when I had my wisdom teeth out too). For those of you who don't know in your middle ear is where your equilibrium is, which keeps our balance and from us toppling over everyday.  So when you fix your ear drum the Dr. has to put packing in there throwing off your balance making you dizzy.  Today I am going into see Dr. Soderberg and he is going to take out the packing that doesn't dissolve (the packing in the middle ear takes a month to dissolve) so maybe I can hear things better.  I have been deaf out of one ear and that has been an interesting experience.

I really hope that I will regain my hearing loss all because of the hole.  I also wonder if it will improve me not being so dizzy all of the time.  Man this is going to be a long month of recovery, but at least I will be distracted from myself because it is the time to remember Jesus Christ and gift of his birth.  I just love Christmas time.  Can't wait to get to Utah to see all of my family :)

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