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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So since we found out we were having a little girl I have been really excited about decorating her nursery.  I decided on the colors green and purple since I am not a big fan of pink.  We painted the walls a light green so if we live here long enough and our next child is a boy it totally works for a boys room too.

He really liked painting the room

The color was a much better choice than white walls

With the walls green that means the bedding is purple.  The theme of her room is disney fairies and instead of spending lots of money I decided to take some giant coloring book pictures and frame them.  I colored them in college and now have a use for them; I knew I held onto them for a reason.  We decided to get a cheaper crib and changer combo set (the most we spent in her room for sure).

I wanted different style of crib, but I think the traditional style will be just fine.

We got the set becuase of this, a changer and dresser combo.

I have some wall decals of butterflies that I think I will put up on the walls just don't know places to put them yet.  So here are the finished pictures of the nursery without the wall decals.

I bought wooden letters and mod podged paper on them and I really like how they turned out 

We just bought the frames from walmart.
The cute qoute above the window came from Matt's sister Jenny.  I wanted a quote to put on the wall and that worked out perfect.
Now we just get to wait for our bundle of joy.  She probably won't use the nursery right away because our room is all the way across the house; so we have a pack and play for her to sleep in at first. I am soooooo excited for her to get here.  I can't breathe very well and cannot get comfortable at all so it will be nice to hold her in my arms. 

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  1. I swear I totally commented on this! What an adorable nursery!! I love the mod podged cute!