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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Zoo!!!

Okay one of my favorite places to go and see is the zoo.  I really love animals and what better place to see them.  So monday here was a holiday and we took that opportunity to go and see the zoo.  The weather was a little rainy, but sometimes that is the best weather to see the zoo. 

Our journey getting to the zoo was kinda fun.  Like most places we go here we don't know what bus to take so we kinda guessed what bus and we did pretty good because it lead us to about three blocks or so from the entrance.  Matt of course had to go and ask the driver if he would stop right by the zoo and he said if you get off here it is only this far.  I love walking through neighborhoods in this city so much fun.  Once we found the entrance it was kinda cheap to get in.  There were three options of what you could see.  You could just pay to walk around, pay to ride the train and walk around, pay to ride the train and walk around and go on the safari, and last was the premium package that allowed you to go everywhere and ride the train an unlimited amount of times.  The premium package was like ten bucks.

Okay here are the pictures.

This is the entrance.  I loved the monkey statues.

Flamingos were fun to watch walk all in a row.

An ostrich.  There were a lot of them on the Safari, but we didn't get a clear picture so here is the best shot we got.

I liked seeing herd of deer (native to India) it made me feel like I was home.

This reminded me of the iguanas when I went on my family cruise that were all over the ruins.

The most venomous snake in the world

Just loved the yellow coloring and it reminded me a little of Harry Potter.

The white tiger.  They didn't have the orange ones.

The Chimpanzee.  I forgot to get the gorillas.  Smart animals.

Thought this was funny that's all.

The best shot of the baby.

These were really cool.  Beautiful animals.  Which do you think it is Jaguar or Leopard?

He was a cute rhino

White Lion.  So cool.  Never seen them before.

I shook a tree branch to make her turn her head for this shot.

Lions.  Camara was dying so this was the best shot we got.

During the Safari it started to rain (and continued to rain all week long). We went on the safari and got to feed a giraffe.  Cool huh.  Matt and I took the opportunity to pet it too.  Coolest part for me for sure.

Matt's favorite animal.  It was on the Safari and we were on the wrong side of the bus thing.  So this is the best shot.

This was really cool.  We went into a caged area and the only thing seperating us from the kangaroos were side railing things.  We were so close, but they were all eating so none of them came close to us.

The only thing that we didn't really take pictures of was the aquariumhe hippos (this zoo has four of them) and zebras and all of the other things other zoos have.  I thought it was funny they had buffalo and Coyotes.  At the aquarium we had the chance to pet sting rays two different species of them.  It was really cool.  At the aquarium they also had a tunnel you walked through with water all around you it was really neat to see.  I love the zoo and am so excited to go to the San Diego Zoo in June.  Animals are amazing creation.  Another amazing day. 

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