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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Park with an Aviary

After returning from Lake Chapala I had read about a pretty cool park, Parque Agua Azul.  It has an aviary in it with tropical birds.  It is right next to the old bus station (where the bus stopped from Chapala).  We decided to walk there before going home.  It cost us 5 pesos to get into the park.  I had never paid to go to a park before, but I guess since there are birds there paying is what has to happen.

It is a beautiful park.  It takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the city to a slowed down pace.  I loved it and matt did too.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Saturday was our six month aniversary of being married (matt got me roses and everything while on the shore of Lake Chapala, could I ask for a better husband).  Here are some pictures we took at the park. 

All around the caged area were smaller cages filled with other birds.  The only different ones that were not in the big cage were a hawk, falcons, and an owl.  The picture we got of the owl was not that good and the hawk, but the following pictures are of the birds in the cages.

This one is of the Tuacon (spelling is wrong) it was not in the big cage.

We couldn't pass up this picture the parrots were playing tug-o-war.  And yelling at each other. So fun.

The following pictures are of the park itself.  I kinda regret we didn't take more pictures.  It was a really fun park. 

This was a cool flower that looked like a bird.

These birds are everywhere you go.

My attempt to be in forest of palm trees.

I think matts attempt was a little bit better.

This the end of the park adventure, but it was so much fun.  So if you are ever in Guadalajara and need something to do for just a couple of hours this park is great and I think a must see.  I would pay another 5 pesos to go and see it.

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