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Monday, January 25, 2010

We Made it!!!

Matt and I arrived in Guadalajara at 5 am in forty degree weather, something we did not expect.  Taking the red eye flight from LAX can be exhausting.  We took a really cool bus from the airplane to the terminal.  So when you go through customs they do a random customs check.  You push a button and if it turns red they check your bags.  When we pushed the button it turned RED ahhhhh.  It was okay though because we didn't smuggle anything into the country we just felt bad for the girl looking through our bags because we had 7 of them for her to look through and they were all full.  She found our temple and clothing and asked some questions.  Almost a missionary moment.  It was exciting. 

After customs we got a ticket for the taxi and that was adventure. It took twenty minutes to get the neighboorhood, but about forty-five minutes to find the street the house is on. We felt so bad and needless to say tipped the driver generously. We did suprise Lupita by arriving so early, but it turned out to be okay

In front of our house

The Palm tree and cool bug in front of our house.

Once shown our temporary room we crashed for 5 hours because the room that is better was currently occupied until Saturaday by two girls from New Jersey (who were really nice and college girls that loved to go out and party).  Anyways, I took some picutres of our first room.  There was a t.v., dresser, bed, and across the little patio a bathroom. 

This is the bed

The dresser with all our suitcases in the way

The window

The T.V.

The Door

Outside looking in

The Bathroom we used

Toliet side

Shower (we are really luck that we get hot running water)

They did laundry right in front of our room

After waking up we decided to go for a walk because the weather had warmed up to about 75 degrees it was crazy.   We have a ten minute walk to Walmart with a movie theatre (they show some movies in english with spanish subtitles), 15 minute walk to a HUGE shopping center, Plaza de Sol, where there are probably 20 shoe stores (it was crazy it felt like there was one every other store).  We walked to Plaza de Sol Saturday night and had gelato and observed the culture.  It was so much fun.

Saturday morning we went to an endowment session at the temple (the busy day there we didn't know).  It was about a 30 min walk.  There is a Home Depot right by the Temple and Carls Jr. and Blockbuster.  Also there was another movie theatre.  We live on the border of Guadalajara and Zapapan the nicer part of the city. Our church is right next to the temple.  We chose a Spanish ward so that we could get to know people in our area and so that I can learn spanish a little quicker.

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  1. I just added your blog to the friends and family column on my blog--don't you feel special? Your place actually looks really nice. It sounds like you're enjoying the weather and exploring your new surroundings. Good for you--have as much fun as you can these next couple of months!