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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just Starting

Okay so Matt and I met in January 2009 and were married on July 30th, 2009. We moved really fast, but we could not be any happier. We are really happy and loving life. I graduated the week before our marriage which was really excitng. I now have an education that someday I hope will pay off.

On our honeymoon we went to Oregon and had some car trouble, enough to put it in the shop for the week (the first sign the Talon was dying). The joint connected to the axel (I really couldn't tell you exactly the parts, but it is a very rare break) snapped while driving through a canyon on our way to the Shakepeare Festival. So instead of touring and seeing everything we planned we got to stay at our condo and enjoy each other. So much better for sure.

After the honeymoon we moved into our first apartment in Rexburg, ID. Matt had one semester left before he graduated. It was a really nice apartment. We got a deal for a very large two bedroom apartment with a washer and dryer and large kitchen and living room and gas fireplace. While living there I had to find a job for four months and I could not find any accounting related jobs, I was really sad. I however found a job at a call center (where people would call in and place orders from a catalog) that was temporary until december, PERFECT!!, for decent pay. I really enjoyed that job and loved the people I worked with.

Matt graduated (walked because he still needs his internship) in december and we went down to Utah to temporarily live with his parents in Ogden. Christmas was fun because all of matt's family came. He is the youngest of 8 kids which means all his brothers and sisters are set in their lives and live across the United States. They all came home for Christmas. It was the first time I met Matts oldest brother and his wife from Washington. We did split Christmas day between my family and his so life was a little crazy.

During the last month or so of Matt's last semester he applied for an internship in Guadalajara, Mexico. Which we did not hear anything until December 28th. So we are going to Mexico from January 24th to April something. So excited. It is going to be an amazing experience. Anyways this brings us up to current events. On our way back up to Matt's parents house January 2nd the exact same thing that happend in Oregon happened on the other side to the other wheel joint/axel. So now we are trying to figure out a way to get to Mexico. Should we buy a car and still drive down (this is what we orginally decided we were going to do) so we can see the country? Or fly and pay more for buses to see things when we are down there. I think we might buy a car just because we will need a car when we get back. It is cheaper to drive down then fly.

Anyways, I am going to keep this updated throughout the years to come. I can't wait for all of the exciting adventures that lay ahead of us. Until next time I post. I might put some pictures up, but I might wait until I have pictures from Mexico who knows. Adios until next post.

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