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Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Drama....

So in our personal life there is no drama really except that of our little diva.  Lynlee is strutting around our house these days acting like she owns the place haha :) If she doesn't get what she wants it's all tears and saying me, me, and me over and over again.

  • She is starting to say more and more words it is fun to see her develop.   The last couple days she has mastered the word shoes along with her fascination of wearing mine and Matt's shoes around the house.  
  • Also in the last month and a half really taken up imaginary play it is adorable. 
  • We bought her a stroller of her own and she LOVES pushing her little baby around.  
  • She LOVES giving kisses and hugs.  
  • She loves playing with balls.  She will kick them around, throw them, and trying to make them bounce.  
  • She loves playing with cars and will make the 'VROOM' sound while running around the house. 
  • Loves playing with bubbles.  She says bubu for bubbles it is pretty cute.  She actually can blow on the stick to get the bubbles to come out.   
She is also getting hair which is exciting.  She has the cutest little curls in the back.  

Okay for me my life is just normal stress, but I am loving life.  I have joined a dinner group where we switch making dinner for the other families one day a week.  I have loved getting recipes that I haven't tried before.  This is also making me a better eater and Matt gets a variety of food.  If anyone knew me growing up I was a picky eater.  Also I have joined a book club to culture myself with other books.  Lynlee and I have started going to playgroup to socialize during the day.  It can get a little boring just the two of us sometimes.  And last, but not least we finally got a calling in church (something I am not thrilled about).... Nursery Teachers.  Apparently the Lord knows this is an area I need work in.  I am not much of a baby/toddler fan.  In fact it took me a long time to even want to have a baby.  I don't know why I am not like every other woman out there that swoons over babies and how cute they are.  Hopefully with this calling I will discover why.  

Matt's drama basically is what I live for each day.  Not from himself, but his company. It is struggling and the things he tells me (I act as a sounding board when he gets home) makes it sound like a movie.  I am sitting on the edge of my seat some days to hear what happened.  With all this drama, however, means that his job will most likely end this year sometime and we will have big decisions to make.  I actually get a little happy about it because the front runner option is Matt going back to school to get his Master's in Finance.  That would mean moving back to Utah because that is the area we would like to end up.  We will pray about our different options though and see where the Lord wants us to go though.  

Matt is doing great! He wakes up each morning and works out, then works hard all day and then comes home to be the best Dad and Husband ever.  He LOVES our little Lynners more than anything and will go through the half hour to hour bedtime routine alone to spend time with his little one.  On top of that he generally will do the dinner dishes.  He is also the best Nursery teacher.  He has a natural ability to handle kids.  I married such an amazing man.

That is a catch up on our lives.  Happy Friday!!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)  


  1. thank you for your honestly, Nikki. it's nice to hear another new mom say that they're not much of a baby/toddler person. I never gave it much thought until I had a baby myself, and then I realized I'm not always swooning over how much I love being a mom like it seems so many others are. it's been one of the toughest adjustments of my life to become a mom! And I have such a perfect little girl, too!

    If you guys move back to Utah, we'll have to meet up sometime. We're in Pocatello now, so it's not that far! :)

  2. I have to agree with you on the nursery thing. While I didn't mind nursery before I had a nursery age child, I think it is SO hard to be in nursery when your baby is in there because you need a break! It's like you go from chasing your baby all day to chasing everyone else's to chasing yours's exhausting! Thank heavens for patient husbands who are good at all the things we aren't lol

  3. Capri and Lynlee sound so much alike! Was it diva central when you watched her the other day :) I'm glad you're enjoying dinner group, being a picky eater and all. I love that you're a part of it!
    I hope nursery gets easier! I've been a nursery leader 3 times in the past 5 years, and I've been right there with you about not being excited at all about the calling. I hope it's easier having Matt in there with you, that way you guys can plan together and figure out what's best for your class. I started getting a lot out of it and enjoying the calling when I stopped thinking of it as babysitting, and realized that the Lord put me here for a reason, and also that these little ones really do learn things in those two hours, even though they might be crazy and wild, they are little sponges when you least expect it. You can have a big impact on them if you choose to. And you can also find yourself loving each one of them! Anyway, it sounds like you're on the right track, you know you're there for a reason and hopefully you'll get some answers too :) You'll be an awesome nursery leader!
    I hope Matt doesn't loose his job anytime soon. I like having you as my neighbor!