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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So our little girl has changed so much in the first couple weeks, they really do grow so fast.  We are loving her more and more regardless of her fussiness that keeps us up at night.  In truth she has been really good during the night except for a select two to three hours (changes every night/day) she wakes up to eat and then goes straight back to sleep. When she is alert and awake one of our favorite looks she gives us is her puckered lips and when we copy her and she looks at us doing it she gets this look like what are you doing.  It cracks us up.  She does not like to be swaddled and when we try she somehow manages to get her arms free and puts them up by her head.  She grunts a lot and stretches A LOT, this is not an exageration she does it all the time that is why we try and swaddle her.  She refuses to take a pacifier too so calming her down takes patience for sure.   We are just excited to watch her grow.  We are not sure who she really looks like quite yet.  She is a good mix between the two of us.

Here are some pictures of her through the first weeks.

First Bath

Pucker face

Her famous arms by head

No matter where she is at hands by her head

Just one hand up but I thought this was a good picture of her

We are excited to see her grow :)


  1. She is cute! Congratulations you two :)

  2. I love her little face while she's sleeping!

  3. I can't get over how cute she is!! Congrats to you both!! She's beautiful!!